Rod Rosenstein Reveals Himself As The Snake Who Released The Strzok-Page Texts

It was revealed in a court filing that it was Rod Rosenstein who authorized the release of the Strzok-Page texts that have fueled Trump’s conspiracy theories.

Politico reported:

Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein authorized the release to the media of text messages between two highly placed FBI employees who exchanged criticism of then-candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign, the Justice Department has revealed in a new court filing.

Rosenstein also said in the court filing submitted shortly before midnight Friday that he made the decision to share the messages with the press in part to protect FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page from the drip effect of incremental releases of the texts by lawmakers or others.

The disclosure that it was Rosenstein who authorized the release of the texts came in a DOJ response to separate lawsuits filed by Strzok and Page.

The revelation that is was Rosenstein who released the texts that have provided the fuel for a thousand Trump conspiracy theories, lies, and cover stories is a new bit of information that shows just how doomed the Mueller investigation was.

The deck was stacked from the beginning against Mueller. Robert Mueller appears to have been extremely by Trump’s DOJ and did the best job that he could given the circumstances. Rod Rosenstein was never the good guy in the saga. He was a snake who cozied up to Trump and made that he had the fuel that he needed for the cover stories and conspiracies that he continues to rely on today.

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