Sagada and Its Lesser Known Activities

Sagada has fast been gaining popularity amongst both foreign and Filipino tourists. It is starting to become one of the must-visit places in northern Philippines alongside Vigan, Baguio City, and Banaue. Sagada boasts of scenic pine forests, waterfalls, limestone caves and also has unique man-made tourist attractions like the hanging coffins, rice terraces and its starting-to-boom weaving and pottery industries.

Other than visiting the established tourist attractions in Sagada, the town has plenty of other not-so-popular activities than tourists can do. Below is a list of these activities that may be helpful for first-time or even multiple-visit tourists to Sagada.

Bonfires – Bonfires are a fun activity that is very popular to college and other youth groups in Sagada. The cool climate during the evening is a wonderful time to gather some dried pine needles and fallen tree saplings for a small fire and gather together for some story sharing and maybe even roast hotdogs and marshmallows.

Fruits – Sagada is home to some fruits that are not so common elsewhere in the Philippines. This include pears, pomegranates, persimmons, plums, nisperos or loquat, grapefruit, and lychee. April and May are good months to go berry picking. Mulberry and black berries can be found in the wild or in a Sagada resident's backyard.

Dining – Sagada restaurants are now gaining popularity and being featured in national daily newspapers. The Yoghurt House remains to be the most popular resto, but there are more than a dozen places where visitors can get a taste of good and relatively cheap priced fare. The buffet at Sagada's Log Cabin prepared by a French chef trump any fancier meals in Manila but the rate is very affordable.

Wedding Attendance – When in Sagada, look for a wedding celebration. You won't be in any danger of gate crashing any wedding since it is open to the public. Weddings in Sagada normally compose of a church blessing followed by a meal or two at the residence of one of those being married. Look out for meals served in banana stalks and the traditional dancing and celebration that can go way until late in the night.

Festivals – although rare, festivals in Sagada show the locals in full regalia and is a sight to behold. Males – old and new are in their finest traditional attire and so are the ladies. Visits to sacred places like the dap-ay and sharing of freshly butchered pigs are common during Sagada festivals.

Indeed, visitors in Sagada are not limited to just the normal tourist attractions. One has to explore the town and be immersed in some of the activities to fully appreciate the Sagada magic.

Source by Kam Ulo

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