Second Wave of Virus Is Coming, However Only for ‘Pink America’ ‘Trump Voters’

It doesn’t appear that the media has discovered something after they fully mangled their predictions that crimson states like Florida and Georgia would see catastrophic penalties for opening up early. On MSNBC this afternoon, “conservative” analyst Rick Tyler was able to make extra hyperbolic predictions about crimson states getting “hit laborious” by the coronavirus in coming months. Tyler even used the Memorial Day vacation to trash President Trump as a “debased” traitor to this nation as a result of he apparently hasn’t executed something to fight the coronavirus.

The MSNBC “conservative” and ex-aide to Sen. Ted Cruz, was on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Stories and spouted the identical liberal speaking factors because the Democrat panel he was on with.

To commemorate Memorial Day, he went on a rant about how we have been witnessing the “bodily, psychological and religious decline” of President Trump, who has “deserted” the nation’s efforts to battle the coronavirus. He warned that due to Trump’s inaction, we have been “paying for it with lives” and the following deadly goal, he assured, can be the president’s voters in crimson states:

Simply juxtapose the gorgeous phrases that Donald Trump was really studying at Fort McHenry, and it rings very hole, as a result of we now have seen nice leaders — FDR, Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, Winston Churchill. We have all witnessed their bodily decline, and we witnessed their psychological decline. However we’re witnessing this with Donald Trump as effectively, however we’re additionally witnessing a religious decline. This can be a man who’s degraded, and he debases — he talks about this epidemic as if it have been to a battle, and it’s a battle, however he is deserted the sector. He is a dereliction of responsibility. The whole lot we’d do to battle a battle within the standard sense this president has determined to fully ignore. And we’re paying for it with lives and treasure due to what we now have lacked in preparation, what we proceed to do, lack in preparation. There will probably be a second wave. We do not have to guess about this. And it’s coming. And it will not be in blue America like in New York Metropolis or Baltimore or the opposite cities. They’ve already been hit hardest within the blue America. It is going to be in crimson America. It is going to be in rural America, in counties that many people have by no means heard of. And the probability there’s you’ll know somebody who’s affected, you’ll know somebody who may have died. And we’re giving the unsuitable info. Suppose how unsuitable Dr. Birx’s mannequin was. She revised her fashions. Down 60,000 useless. Nicely, at the moment we are going to go 100,000 useless, and it’s only the start of the summer season. And we should double down and depend on our governors, I assume, to organize, as a result of crimson America, rural America, the place Trump voters reside, goes to be hit subsequent and it’ll get hit laborious.

It’s actually unhappy that the media can’t even put aide their hatred for President Trump for one day to honor all of the lives misplaced defending this nation.

On this unknown second wave, it’s additionally price remembering how nasty and unsuitable journalists have been attacking red state governors for his or her choices to open up public areas similar to seashores, claiming they might trigger catastrophic demise in simply weeks. Now the media’s goalposts have moved, since actuality didn’t match their fearmongering narrative.


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