Selecting Socks For Men

Most men have little awareness on their socks, although this slight detail may make or smash some looks. Socks come up to assortment of length, weights, patterns and colors.

The following are options to be considered in choosing the appropriate socks intended to suit the occasion. First option is the length; it could be ankle, below-the-ankle, over-the-calf or crew (stops 1/4-1/2 above the calf). The weight comes next; it could be thicker or thinner. Next option is pattern; it may be plain, windowpane and argyle. The last but not the least is color; it could be white, black, green, navy, brown, khaki or any color in your mind.

In some athletic situations socks are necessary. If you go to gyms, running or playing some kind of sport, athletic socks is suitable. These socks come in white or gray colors, occasionally with stripes and vary from below-the-ankle up to above-the-calf length. These socks must not be used if somebody is not wearing an athletic set up.

Casual (thicker) blue socks can be used if someone is wearing blue jeans. Most men and few women make a mistake in wearing white socks with dark colored pants. White socks for athletics can be used if white thicker socks are not available when white denim is worn. Denim of other tints can be used with corresponding casual socks.

Thinner or dressier socks can be utilized when slacks are worn. Similarly, khaki socks for khaki pants, black socks with black pants, brown socks for brown pants, and others. The same is appropriate to suits and some formal attire with black or white ties.

Argyle and Other Models

Argyle socks are nice to use when wearing jeans and slacks or occasionally with suits but could not be worn with some tailcoat or tux. Select an argyle model with same color like the pants. Similar rule relates to some other patterns that are multicolored. Single-color models like window-pane may be used with some other matching pants.

When shorts are being worn, socks are not advisable. Longer socks, specifically above-the-calf look somewhat ridiculous. Refrain from using socks which are precisely of similar color to your shoes, lest you come out to wear boots. Argyle socks are frequently a good pick with shorts. Socks must never be used with sandals.

White socks are applicable only for sports. When going to the gym, it is good to wear white socks. They are good also and actually look more attractive than some black socks. If you want to use dress shoes, athletic socks are not advisable irregardless of color. Athletic socks are sometimes bulkier because they are made of cotton that are heavier or some other materials, so they have tendency to cluster out of the dress shoes.

Always bear in mind to put on dress socks when using dress shoes. They slip easier inside your shoes and the fine and thin material means that whichever attention focused in your feet area will stay centered in your shoes rather on your socks

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