Self Improvement: Why Do You Think We Should Improve Ourselves?

When we go through one of these moments that our fears, insecurities and doubts overwhelm us, we tend to think very little of ourselves.

During such moments some of us tend to think that other people are a lot better than we are and we forget that in reality practically everybody has these same type of feelings on a regular basis.

We feel inclined to idealize other people; even envy them for being good at something. We even wish to trade places with them and we don not realize that the other person of course has his own insecurities, his own fears and his own doubts. Most probably such person will look at us or others, the same way we look at them.

We suffer from low self-worth, lack of self-confidence and fears and we don’t believe in self improvement anymore, because deep inside we feel deeply unhappy and quite desperate.

However we are able to shift all this by realizing that the under mentioned self motivation tips are the key to growth. Do some self motivation exercise so that after a while you acquire self motivation skills.

A very good manner to start self improvement is to first practice to learn to listen and when you have learned to listen, talk to a true and trusted person, or to someone who has extensively walked the path of life. Find someone in your environment who feels good, someone who is gentle, someone you feel you can open up with and ask questions. “How do you see me?” – “What impression do you have of me?” – “What do you think I could improve in my life?”, so that the other person will notice that self improvement is important to you.

Listen well to what the other person has to say to you and if by any chance there is negative feed-back, don’t go defend yourself immediately. Open your heart and take the information you receive vertically into your whole body. Don’t react with quick responses. Don’t forget you want to use the information to become a better you.

A way to support this process is to be fed on a regular basis with motivating material. Motivational words and stories that can be found in books or in newsletters and/or articles from personal growth experts. Or become a subscriber to a self improvement forum. There is so many of them.

Self motivation tips and self improvement help us to become a better person and it helps to create better self motivation skills and a better environment for us. When we are all willing to start to improve ourselves it will help to create a better society and ultimately that will help to make the world a better place.

So, learn to be kind to yourself, learn to love yourself, because in order to love others you must love yourself first. After all you cannot give what does not live inside of you. Stop comparing yourself to others! Stop pulling yourself down and stop considering yourself as an unworthy individual!

Stop saying things like: ” If only I would be more attractive”, or “if only I would have more of this, that or the other”.

Accepting who you are and learning to see the beauty within yourself is the first step to self improvement and self motivation skills.

Perfect people don’t exist in this world. We all have our insecurities and fears.

And there is no such thing as a perfect world. There never has been, but we can definitely learn to be happy with who we are.

When we begin to improve ourselves our world expands and in that world we can begin to feel happy and content.

Source by Ab Van Deemter

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