Sexy Baby Doll Lingerie Is the Perfect Gift

Baby doll lingerie is an excellent and always appropriate gift item. As Valentine’s Day approaches, many men turn their thoughts to giving their partners gifts of lingerie. Yet many men are clueless about lingerie shopping and sizes. They may also worry that their partner will be offended if the gift is too risqué, or simply uncomfortable in a tightly fitted corset or underwire bra. A babydoll is loosely fitted, making it much easier to buy the right size. It is available in a variety of styles and colours, allowing the purchaser to choose a piece that is just right for the recipient. Here is a men’s guide to purchasing baby doll lingerie for your partner.

What Is a Babydoll?

A babydoll is a very short, loose fitting negligee. It is typically sleeveless, but may have very short “cap” sleeves. Within this category, there are endless variations. A babydoll may or may not cover the buttocks. It may feature defined bra cups or hang loosely. Fabric choices range from silk or satin to lace or sheer fabrics.

Understanding Sizes

Due to loose fitting nature of baby doll lingerie, it is easy to determine what size to buy. Babydolls are generally sized the same way as dresses (6, 8, 10 etc). Buy a babydoll in the same size as the dresses your partner wears.

Some baby doll lingerie is “one size fits all.” It would be better to consider that one size fits most. If your partner is particularly small or large, it is best to choose baby doll lingerie in her actual size.

Plus Size Women

Many women are uncomfortable with their fuller figures, which can lead to a resistance to sexy lingerie. If your partner is hesitant about wearing anything exotic, baby doll lingerie is a great way to lead her in a new direction. Show sensitivity to her feelings by selecting a piece that provides full coverage of areas that concern her, while drawing attention to the parts of her body she (and you) loves.

On the Wild Side

If your partner is confident and enjoys wearing sexy lingerie, consider more risqué babydoll styles. A barely-there fishnet or lace babydoll is sure to spice things up. Or consider an ultra-sheer babydoll in black, red or even white. Some styles are designed to expose and highlight your partner’s body rather than providing coverage.

Add Accessories

Lingerie shopping does not come easily to most men. It is best to avoid giving certain items as gifts, particularly corsets, which must be perfectly fitted. However, baby doll lingerie sizing is easy and the pieces are designed to fit loosely. Babydolls are available in numerous styles and fabric choices, making it easy to find a piece that your partner will love.

Source by Amanda Cotterill

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