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The fashion industry is a fast paced world. Trends are always coming and going. New designers are being discovered every year during Fashion Week and street style is now a very important part of this creative world.

How do people dress so fab and obtain amazing high end brands and designer pieces?

Well it has to be A, they are wealthy and can totally afford a 1,000 dollars designer shoes or B, they are very creative and resourceful people.

If you are not wealthy enough to spend a 1,000 dollars on shoes then you have to become smart and creative. Discovering the world of consignment and how it works, will be life changing if you are a fashionista and love to wear the latest trends.

So what is a consignment store?

A consignment store is a place were they resale gently used clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. Some carry mall brands, some carry High End designer brands, and some carry both. A consignment store usually carries both, and it sells 75% Off of retail.

A consignor, which is the name of a person who consigns, can have access to a large quantity of unique merchandise, brands from around the world and an also make money by consigning and recycling their own pieces.

Usually on a consignment store people will find some high end designer shoes for 400 dollars, when they cost $975 on retail stores.

Most consignment stores operate with a percentage. When a consignor brings in consignment pieces, they will price their items. If the item sells and it is priced under $99 the consignor will get 40%, For example you bring a Tory Burch top and they price it at $30 you will end up getting $12.

Items priced from $100 to $499, the consignor will get 50%, items priced from $500 to 999, the consignor will get 60% and from $1,000 and up the consignor will get 75%. The higher the item is priced the more the consignor makes.

Consignors bring in designer items from around the world. they usually offer unique pieces for lower prices. Nowadays with consignment stores around the globe becoming so popular, they are offering the options of online shopping.

Having access to high end designer brands and low end brands is easier with affordable stores, like consignment shops. Consignment shops offer unique merchandise because they only have one of a kind item, so everything is original.

Have the pleasure to indulge in the consignment world and discover amazing items for way less.

Source by Veronica Cornish

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