Should Black Pepper in Pregnancy Be Avoided?

Black pepper has been used for decades as a treatment of many illnesses from depression to fighting the common cold. Whilst this may be good news for those who wish to avoid using manufactured ingredients, there is increasing debate on whether this potent spice is safe to use in pregnancy. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of using black pepper whilst pregnant.


As I have explained earlier, there are many benefits for sprinkling a little extra of this well used spice to your meal. For those who are wishing to increase their chances of getting pregnant or currently pregnant, black pepper contains folic acid which has been confirmed by scientists for helping to cut the risk of the foetus developing conditions such as spina bifida. It also helps to control blood pressure, fight the common cold and even help managing depression. A women’s immune system weakens considerably whilst pregnant because her antibodies are transferred to the baby’s until the last weeks of pregnancy therefore, any means to increase her immune system naturally should be considered.


For those who are pregnant and reading this article, it may be a little early to celebrate eating your favourite spice. Those who are sensitive to spicy food, a little caution should be considered. Anybody who enjoys spicy food will tell you that eating excessive amounts can be irritating on the stomach. If you are pregnant, this can lead to more heartburn and acid reflux which is not ideal especially if you are in your first or third trimester. You may have also heard the old wives tale that a curry can start labour. This is due to spicy ingredients stimulating the uterus which can induce labour.

What do Nutritionists Say?

A lot of the advice published confirm that black pepper is safe to use in pregnancy but in moderation. Some women do experience cravings for black pepper in pregnancy however, if it is used in moderation then no harm is passed to the baby.


It is clear that there are many benefits from eating this potent spice. Its been lauded by doctors to help treat many illnesses without having to resort to further treatment. Having said that, any spice should be used in moderation whilst pregnant as it can cause adverse side effects if taken excessively. In conclusion, be fair when you sprinkle black pepper to your dinner plate and enjoy it!

Source by Louisa M. Sinfield

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