Should You Optimize Your Blog to Make Money Online?

Lets assume that you now have a blog full of content that you passionately wrote and should be of value visitors interested in your subject from which you want to make money online.

So, how do you actually get visitors to see your enticing content and possibly end up buying from you and you making money online? Traffic (visitors) is the lifeblood of your blog. You have traffic and everything else running efficiently and your make money online ideas and dreams will be fulfilled. You don’t have traffic and your blog remains lifeless in obscurity never making the money you hoped it would.

You can get that valuable traffic by getting your blog placed high up in the results pages of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Msn, etc. That’s where most people will come across your well written informative material that will end up attracting people enough and you will then know how to make money online because it will bring you a lot of traffic.

When potential customers search for information through the search engines and see your blog or site among the top results, they will naturally click through to your blog and potentially buy, thus assisting you to make money online fast or more appropriately, steadily.

Now the four thousand dollar question question then becomes how do you get your blog site higher up in the search engine listings. That is an art and is called search engine optimization or SEO. SEO is a very complex and hard subject to master, but you can certainly learn simple and effective techniques to conquer the search results for certain of the less popular keywords.

This optimizing for keywords is most important if you’re serious about making money online, so take heed. The first step is for you to determine the keywords that you want to optimize your blog site for. Lets next search in the search engines for the pertinent keyword you’ve chosen and wish to make money online with. If you see from your search that millions of people search for that keyword or keyphrase do you think you can compete for high rankings? I don’t think so.

So modify your keyword and keep searching in the search engines until you find a word or appropriate phrase that may have 500,000 searches or something like that and then it becomes a manageable keyword or phrase to optimize your blog for.

To optimize your blog, first change your blog title so that it has your main keyword in it. You can change your blog title in the Blogger control panel or WordPress blog engine when your’re creating it.

One last bit of blog search engine optimization, you should also sprinkle your chosen and not overly competitive keyword in your posts whenever possible. Doing this shows the search engines that your nicely written blog is relevant to the topic of your keyword. But don’t overdue it otherwise you will not make steady money online since the search engines will punish you instead of reward you for your efforts.

In conclusion, ways to make money online are plentiful, blogging being one of them. So keep in mind that in your blog you are writing to humans and using your keyword rediculously often just for the search engines will not sit well with the search engines and you probably will not make steady money online through this source. Therefore write to humans using the SEO suggestions I’ve made, within reason.

Source by Richard Crandall

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