Should You Use Premade Free Online Websites That Use AdSense?

Who else is interested in learning Google AdSense secrets? Indeed, most of the internet surfers, who are interested to make money using AdSense ready sites, do lack the power to succeed because they simply lack the tools. These tools are high motivation and well-designed marketing plan.

Nevertheless, learning Google AdSense secrets starts with answering the following questions:

– Q1: How to make a lot of money online avoiding scams?

– Q2: How does Google Make Money?

– Q3: How to submit online ads on Google and make money?

– Q4: How to make money by writing blogs and AdSense?

– Q5: Is it really feasible and achievable that young teenagers like 13 years old make money on websites?

– Q6: Does it make sense to run after an ad like “you can receive 40 sites free AdSense”.

– Q7: How to use YouTube videos to earn money with AdSense?

A1: It is a hard fact about online home based business that the internet is nowadays full of scams and frauds that promise you the moon and deliver nothing. What makes the field of online marketer further harder that some internet scams succeed to appear like professional and serious companies and you may then think that they are one of the legitimate business opportunities but they are nothing but a scam.

Hence, it is a wise idea to deal with the top ranked and well known companies that you can never have any fear from being scammed. And what can be better and trustable more than Google? I usually motivate all the beginners in the field of online marketing to start by joining this program since there is no any possibility to be cheated and this is the usual answer to the question: ” How teenagers can make money working from home?”

A2: Google is nothing but a search engine that delivers two arts of search results in response to any search query carried out by an internet user. These two arts are organic and sponsored results. Organic results do not cost for you anything as this is simply the service of the search engines and Google does not make money from these results.

The other art, i.e. sponsored results, are called pay per click ads in which the advertisers have to pay Google a certain amount of money called cost per click each time an internet visitor clicked on their ads.

A3: The answer to the question: “How to make money with AdSense?” is to own a website that is well-optimized and then to work on inserting the ads into it to earn cash in case one of your visitors clicked on them. You should first have an account that does not cost you anything and then it is your duty to copy a short piece of code into your webpages that will enable the proper display of relevant ads on your website.

Another step on the way is to establish a marketing plan for your website aiming to bring more visitors to it who will hopefully make you money by clicking on your ads. Based on my personal experiences of trial and error, I would strongly recommend for you to combine article marketing and social bookmarking techniques to spread the word about your business.

A4: To make money by writing posts on blogs is the one of the key issues that are necessary for your trip in learning Google AdSense secrets that is really useful to know. It works like:

– Building a blog using WordPress, which does not cost anything.

– It is recommended to write a new and fresh post once per day to keep your blog always visible through using the right keywords that have some searches per month and at the same time you do not have high number of competitors that are optimized for the same keyword.

– It is recommended to integrate a plug-in that will work on showing a maximum number of 3 ads per post in various positions.

– Then, it is a wise idea to download the free software, which is always found under at to bookmark your post at 20 different websites just with the magic of only 1 click.

A5: As I started with my home based business, it was a wrong approach to think that I must be a very well educated person in order to be able to make money online. As I started my trip to go deeper in learning Google AdSense secrets, I worked with people who earn good money without having a very high degree of education and even more some of them did not visit a university at all.

Hence, I do believe that teenagers or even a 13 years old guy can make money online. It has nothing to do with how old you are or how much qualified you are. Instead, it is strongly related with the issue of if you are ready to invest the needed time and energy to learn something new. Additionally, it is strongly related to your motivation to learn something new.

A6: This is definitely a significant point when it comes to making money with AdSense. Statistics of online marketing show that 90% of the beginners run after ready made websites with the motivation to start making money on the same day when they started, which is totally far away from the truth. You should not care about the number of the websites, but it is a better idea to see how much optimized this website is.

To be more concrete, never overlook the following points:

– Do these websites enjoy a user friendly interface?

– What about the position of the ads? Are they placed where they should be like the top, center, and the bottom of the pages?

– Are these websites well optimized for the search engines? Briefly, do the webmasters of these websites take into account both of on-page and off-page optimization?

– Is it possible to automatically add new posts to these sites so that they always look fresh and frequently updated and, therefore, avoid any punishments from the search engines for any duplicated content?

– Check also if these sites are legally designed. I.e. it is not legal, based on the well known policies, to ask your visitors to click on the ads. In addition, you should overlook the idea of trying to drag the attention of your visitors by pointing somehow to the positions where your ads are.

A7: One of the best ways to advertise your website is using videos. It should be clear for you that a nice and well-prepared video can post the same message of 1000 words and it will totally help you to bring more visitors to your website.

Use to insert your videos as it is free and before everything, it is a good friend of most of the search engines. In case you targeted the perfect keyword for your video, then the probability that your video will rank well in the search engines is very high.

However, you should not overlook the following key issues when you are going to market your business using videos:

– Start your video with a short introduction about your service or your product.

– It is nice to avoid too long videos and usually keep them to the point.

– It is not a bad idea to have some effects in your video like a suitable music. However, do not over do it.

– To spread the word about your website in an efficient way, it is a wise idea to keep the name and title of your website always on the top of the other screens and, in addition, write your html address at the bottom of the video screen.

– Use a real human being instead of any cartoons as this helps you to establish a better communication with your future customers.

Having the early illustrated 7 questions, you are now qualified enough to go deeper in learning Google AdSense secrets.

Source by Asem Eltaher

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