Showing Kids That They Matter

No matter what age your child is, it is very important to show them that they matter to you. Cuddling, listening, reading, playing and teaching are great ways to show your child that they are important. Boosting their self esteem, self worth and fostering their development are very important to ensure that they have every possibility to meet childhood milestones within the expected timeframes.

Simple things like eating a meal together will help foster their development. They learn appropriate behaviors, social interaction, textures, tastes and smells. This is a great opportunity to talk about what is healthy for our bodies and what should be reserved for special treats. You can even create learning tools and make healthy eating a theme for the day, week or month. Consider using a shoe box. Cut a hole and draw a mouth around the hole. Name the box and get your child to feed it pictures of healthy foods followed by special treats. Magazine cut-outs are handy for this exercise.

These types of activities help children to have a positive view of different foods. Plus, the simple interaction paired with positive reinforcement teaches them speech and language, assisting them with social skills as well. You do not have to spend a lot of money teaching your child about the world. Everything they need to know they can actually learn by listening, touching and feeling the everyday things around them.

Reading to your child is very important. Reading opens up a whole new world, teaching them about imagination and other places, people and things that they may not be exposed to otherwise. Reading develops their vocabulary and teaches them to derive word meanings from context.

Interaction with your child is invaluable. Spend the time with them that they deserve. Making eye contact and speaking in a clear voice will help them tremendously in their speech and language development. Avoid sarcasm, as it is very confusing to children who are just learning the language.

Each day of your child’s life, you should work on boosting their self-esteem and encouraging a good self-image. It will serve them well through their entire lives. It teaches them to love to learn, makes them want to do well in school, makes them want social interaction, it gives them the drive that is necessary to be successful in a career, as a spouse and as a parent later in life.

You can also help in this area by teaching your child responsibility and giving them chores early in life. Teach them to help with laundry, dishes, toy clean-up, cooking and anything else that they are capable of. Teach them to hang their own clothes and put their dirty ones in the laundry basket. Let them use children’s clothes hangers to make the task more manageable for them. Work in these areas and you will be sure that you have set your child up for a successful life.

Source by Ronald A. Maier

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