Shun Plastic Bags, Save Planet Earth

Plastic bags are manufactured out of polyethylene, which is supposed to be the best material to manufacture plastic bags from. It is said to have adverse effects on the environment and, in turn, the ecosystem. One cannot easily eliminate these bags from the surroundings without polluting the locality, as they’re largely non-biodegradable.

However, plastic bags serve a lot of purposes. Being utilized in majority of the households and industrial areas these bags have won the favor of people, despite the fact that they have a harmful impact in store for the environment while decaying. 

In general, the size varies as per the purpose of utilization. In common, people use a variety of bags that include self-adhesive, reseal ones, tote bags, zip lock bags, and trash bags. As mentioned above the varieties indicate the diversity in their purpose of usage. 

While pursuing an expedition, or to hoard some laundry or to carry food packets or to store some additional things one can always turn to these bags. In households, such bags are also used to maintain the newness of the purchased vegetables and fruits. On the other hand, the industrial zones make use of tie-on bags, shrink bags and few long lasting ones in their workstations.

Knowing the harm they pose why people keep using them? Many families have reached a stage where they cannot forgo using such bags especially for their salient features such as the permanence, rough usage, and sturdiness. Strength, hardiness, adaptability and diversity are some of the crucial aspects that make people overlook the environmental hazards that these bags cause. This is why they like to use them wherever and whenever needed. 

We’ve reached a stage where we’re unable to envisage our routine life without using them. Haven’t we? Collecting laundry, storing some additional things while on a tour, enclosing foodstuff will be almost impossible if they are gone. Plastic bags even take form as the garbage bags when one sets out on an expedition. The utility of these bags vary as diverse as people’s interests.

Nowadays, the limit of using plastic bags has gone beyond the brink. To worsen things, the giant designer companies promote special designer bags that are gradually gaining recognition. Designers come up with a unique way in giving these bags as compliments to improve its popularity and eventually their association with the people. People are pushed to buy such bags by such marketers who are making the presence of such bags largely felt in our society.

All is being done for a monetary intention. As expected, the environmentalists believe that the continued existence of human race will get tough if we keep using the plastic bags. Nobody is ready to spare a thought for the perilous effects that underlie. As evident from what we read above, wherever we turn we’re only able to see people use carry bags like these unmindful of what is going to happen in future.

Source by Ramanathan Gangadharan

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