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Diets in general are wrong on one essential thing. Most fad diets insist that weight loss can be done via one way or the other. The raw food diet insists that you can lose weight eating uncooked foods. The Atkins diet insists that we stop eating carbohydrates. The slim fast diet insists that you should stop eating and start buying their shakes. All of these diets have one thing in common, the same thing that makes each and every one of them not effective at losing weight.

All of these diets restrict the types of foods that we eat.

The reason that these diets do not work is because they restrict the types of food that you are allowed to eat. Weight loss can only be done when the body is getting the resources it needs to maintain itself in peak condition. By limiting the types of foods we consume we limit the resources out body gets. Simply put, our body cannot function properly and so weight loss becomes secondary to trying to stay healthy.

The simple truth behind this is easily seen. Most people who have been on a fad diet will usually experience some sickness, usually covered up by those who are selling the fad diet as a ‘cleansing period’. In reality this sickness, usually headaches or diarrhea, are just our bodies telling us that what we are eating is not correct for our bodies. The lack of specific nutrients and minerals or even basic things such as proteins and carbohydrates makes our bodies more and more ill as without them they cannot function properly.

There are risks involved with poor nutrition. In extreme cases of poor nutrition, such as in many fad diets all our major systems will stop functioning properly. The immune system will become weaker and we will get basic sicknesses such as colds and the flue more and more often. Our energy and motivation to do everyday things is reduced as our muscles start to atrophy, making us physically weaker and weaker. This in turn makes us more prone to physical injuries such as broken bones and the like. Our ability to learn things quickly can become impaired quite quickly with poor nutrition. Think of how easily people lose concentration due to skipping breakfast. Now think of what would happen when you skip the equivalent of breakfast and dinner as you do in a nutritional sense in many fad diets. Driving a car requires a lot of attention. When you have an balanced diet, driving is quite easy even though it requires awareness of the surroundings past that of what our normal vision can see. With a poor diet. concentration and awareness can lapse leading to dreadful things.

An effective diet should be based around one concept. The human body needs a balance of foods for optimal condition to be achieved and so a diet that works to keep you healthy and allow you the chance lose weight will be one which consists of all the foods in the food pyramid.

A proper diet should not be a chore but a way of life, something which we don’t really think about and is easy to do.

Source by Paul Daniel

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