So, What Else Can Florida Offer Me?

Whenever somebody mentions going on holiday to Florida, your immediate thoughts are probably drawn towards images of Mickey Mouse and other famous Disney characters. After all, the Orlando theme parks are a major part of the Florida experience and are often the sole reason why many holidaymakers choose to travel there. But what if theme parks aren’t your cup of tea? Does Florida have anything else to offer tourists other than big rides and burgers?

In short, a most definite and conclusive ‘yes’. Florida is a diverse state and can be great for enjoying a relaxing break, exploring lots of areas of interest or simply partying hard. The immaculate shoreline near Tampa and St Petersburg on the west coast makes for an idyllic holiday retreat where you can take things at entirely your own pace and forget about all of life’s stresses and strains. There are also some great beach areas to enjoy on the east coast too such as the areas in and around Daytona Beach and Cocoa Beach, where you’ll find proceedings somewhat busier than on the west coast. Cocoa Beach is near to Cape Canaveral, which is where NASA’s rocket launch headquarters are based and where you’ll also find the famous Kennedy Space Center, which its own website claims “is the only place on Earth where you can tour launch areas”. The website goes on to state that you can “meet a veteran astronaut, see giant rockets, train in spaceflight simulators, and even view a launch” at the center, which understandably helps to make it such a popular attraction.

Head further south and pay a visit to lively Miami and its famous shoreline. South Beach in particular is world renowned for its parties and is a great place to go and let your hair down, especially during the American spring break. Florida is a massively diverse place to visit though, so as well as catering for the party goers it looks after the nature lovers equally well. At Florida’s southern tip you will find the Everglades National Park, which is a fascinating wetland paradise and home to many rare and endangered species, as well as a group of islands known as ‘The Keys’ which stem out from the mainland. The Keys are a haven for sports fishing and are home to America’s only living coral barrier reef also, making it popular with scuba divers.

With the British Pound having a healthy exchange rate against the US Dollar at present, there is no better time to search for cheap holidays to Florida and take advantage of all this great State has to offer you. No matter what your interests are, the perfect holiday could be waiting just around the corner!

Source by Ben Charlton

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