Soft Drinks and MLM Success

Have you ever heard of soft drink companies, you know those cola companies? Sure you have, but what does that have to do with MLM success? I’m glad you asked.

Have you seen an advertisement for soft drinks lately? I imagine you have seen one or more ads for soft drinks even today. You may have seen them and not even realized it since you see them all the time.

Soft drink companies have been in business for a long time, over 100 years I believe. As a business they test everything to see what works best from them. In their marketing efforts, they have tested the frequency of the advertisements they run. They discovered that when they reduced their advertising budget, the result was lower sales. And when they increase they advertising budget back to the higher level, then people went back to buying soft drinks again.

Interesting isn’t it? The more they advertise, the more people buy soft drinks. When they lower their advertising cost, their sales would go down. Now I assume they tested the other way and raised the advertising spending also, and realize the optimum level of advertising for soft drinks. They advertise a lot and it works for them. They are a large companies with tremendous profits.

Now let’s look at the advertising you do with your network marketing business. I know you are not running radio and TV ads, or even print ads to expand your business. But what are you doing?

Are you keeping a list of people to contact? You can attract people to you and get them on your list using the Internet, using attraction marketing, or even by physically meeting new people. This is important because if you do not have a list of people to contact and invite them to see your business opportunity, then you are out of business. Ouch! I know.

Once you have a list of prospects, are you doing the contacting? Are you picking up the phone and having a conversation with them. Find out about them. Find out what their dreams and goals are so you can show them how your opportunity can be the vehicle to take them to the achievement of their dreams.

You can spend thousands of dollars on more traditional advertising methods, like radio and TV. But why? That is expensive and does not create the relationship between you and your prospect that is required before you can ask them to do the things you are doing. That relationship is of paramount importance.

If you are in business, then you also have to advertise and prospect for your business. You need leads and prospects. There is such great training available from Better Networker, Magnetic Sponsoring, and MLSP that you can take advantage of for very small amount of money. You can find the leads you need even if you are building on a budget. But you have to do the work and generate the leads, contact them and invite them to see your business opportunity.

Then you can have your success in your MLM business like soft drink companies do in their businesses.

To Your Success, Larry Steele

Source by Larry Steele

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