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All of us just love them but are not very sure of how to wear them or where to wear them at all? Don’t worry, here is all the information you need to know about lace dresses so that you don’t have to hesitate anymore in picking up one.

Select from a variety of styles available in the market. You can choose according to your body type to remain sophisticated yet comfortable in your outfit. Short or just above the knee is the perfect length to choose so that you can flaunt a chic pair of footwear as well. If you worry too much about you bye-bye arms then try three-fourth or full sleeves and would make you look a lot leaner. Bodycon or skater or A-line or straight, whichever style you choose to wear, you are going to stand out in the crowd for your elegance and sense of fashion.

Earlier, black and white colors were the most opted shades but shades of red, dark blue, and pink pastels are in greater demand now as more and more people are opting and experimenting with laces. In olden days, laces were a sign of royal lifestyle and rich culture but now, you can feel like a king yourself by adding lace outfits to your wardrobe now.

Try enhancing your look with contrast shoes and bags to portray a crisp look in events or in your everyday routines. Lace dresses can we be worn on multiple occasions, all you need is a difference in styling. For a casual look, wear a skater lace dress with a cute pair of sneakers and denim shirt or a jacket, you are ready for a fun brunch with your best buddies. Wear the same skater dress with lace-up flats or your favorite ballerinas and a long chain purse; you are ready to go on a cool evening with your special one. Also try wearing the same dress with your hair tied up, pointed toe pencil heels, chain necklace and a clutch; you are ready for your family cocktail party!

Now if you are a fan of wearing pants or jeans then this time, try a cute lace top. Cigarette pants look really great when clubbed with long front open lace dresses. In this way, you can look flattering by staying in your comfort zone and nothing is better than that! Tie your hair up in a ponytail, carrying a contrast handbag, and choose block heel to tie up boots to complete the look. Pants can also be worn with flared sleeve waist length top. If you are not a fan of flared sleeves then you can opt for full sleeves top. Also, try off shoulder lace tops with pants or jeans if not wearing the outfit formally.

About footwear, you don’t need to worry about that. Heels as well as flats, both work superbly well with laces and you really don’t have to buy a new pair with your dress. So now you know how you can style yourself in the same outfit, according to the occasion.

Source by Emily Moorey

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