South Beach Coffee Java Diet Review – Drink Coffee to Lose Weight?

Let’s start this South Beach Coffee Java Review by asking how it plays a role in dieting?

Well, this coffee product is packed full of ingredients geared toward helping you lose weight, including the following five:

  • Bitter orange – to regulate metabolism
  • Garcinia cambogia -to increase metabolism
  • Glucose – to help your body burn fat and build muscles
  • Caffeine – to curb your appetite and reduce fluids in your body
  • Chromium Pynicotinate – to lower your cholesterol

The Arabica coffee beans are grown at specific fields in Latin America and brought to the United States to create a great tasting cup and adding a plus to this South Beach Coffee Java review. The added supplements work together to provide you with more energy throughout the day and simultaneously increases your metabolism and suppresses your appetite. These factors are supposed to all work together to allow your body to lose extra pounds.

This coffee contains natural ingredients that are supposed to assist your body in losing weight. In addition to their most popular Dieting Blend, also included in this South Beach Coffee Java review are 4 other blends that are all meant to promote healthy living:

  1. The Extreme Energy Boost blend contains vitamin b12, which will help increase your energy and keep your body moving all day
  2. The Immune Booster Blend helps your body build its natural immunity to help fight off colds and flu and includes the much needed vitamin C
  3. The Focus Plus Blend
  4. The Organic Mushroom Blend

South Beach Coffee Java reviews do provide information regarding the cost of this coffee product: Fact is it will cost you substantially more than your normal cup of coffee. For a 30-day supply consisting of 40-45 cups (which may not last for 30 days for want two cups a day) will costs you just under $110.00 plus shipping and handling.

To conclude this South Beach Coffee Java review it should be noted that like any path you choose to follow to lose weight and get healthy in 2011 you should seek a comprehensive and fully supported health + dieting PROGRAM that can ultimately help you achieve your desired goal.

Source by Sara Reynolds

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