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Statement Sleeves are Red Hot Right Now

Statement sleeves were a major style trend last year and are set to get even more popular in 2020. Here’s why and how sleeves will dominate both street style and more general fashion looks this year.

Not Just About Size

It’s not just about big sleeve energy in 2020. There are so many iterations of the puff sleeve on the runways of late, ranging from abstract and architectural to the floaty and feminine. Fashion can appear to reward novelty and as a result, many trends simply get bigger rather than better. This year, the best in sleeves will focus on shape and silhouette more than increasingly exaggerated proportions.

Statement street style


Subtle but eye-catching tulip and bell-shaped sleeves will continue to be a street style staple. With the 70s throwback trend going nowhere soon, retro sleeve styles are a great way of giving your look a nostalgic touch without going OTT.

Even the classic white shirt has had a modern makeover in the last few years thanks to the transformative qualities of the statement sleeve. So you can expect to see more subtle sleeve details in office dressing, too.

Red Carpet Friendly

Camila Mendes in Moschino


From Margot Robbie serving serious Fleetwood Mac vibes with her vintage Chanel armbands to Camila Mendes’ structured Moschino puff sleeves at the Oscars, celeb style is showing us just how red-carpet friendly this trend is.

An obvious advantage of statement sleeves is their proportion balancing properties. The right sleeve can be flattering for those wanting to cover fuller arms or balance wide hips. Structured sleeves add an edge and sharpness to the silhouette while airy ones add a dash of femininity. Cape sleeves aren’t going anywhere either. Where long or short, sleeves are set to surge in popularity in eveningwear.

Thrives With Asymmetry

Statement sleeves in 2020


Asymmetry is one of the hottest style trends of the moment and so is a cutout detail. Combine the two and you’re guaranteed to turn heads.

A downside to the asymmetrical trend is that it usually means one shoulder is bare – a challenge when it comes to the bra department. There are so many solutions to the trickiest of necklines today, so don’t let this stop you from experimenting.

If you want to give the illusion of showing a lot of skin without actually doing so, a cutout sleeve detail is the way to go.

Cooler As It Gets Colder

Come winter, sleeve styles are going to be less about silhouette and more about details. Textured, faux-fur trimmed and patchworked sleeves will keep things interesting while you stay cosy. Even DIY embellishments along the sleeves can take an otherwise ordinary outerwear staple and turn it into a statement piece. Time to schedule the crafternoon!

We can’t wait to snap your best statement sleeves this year! Be sure to check out our weekly street style gallery to see how fashion lovers across the country are rocking the trend.

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