Stay True To Your Course

Have you ever heard the expression, “be true to yourself”? Maybe this expression should be changed to, “stay true to your course”. Both of these expressions may be ones you should consider etching into your mind when you work for other people, or certain types of bosses, or in certain environments where it is expected that to get promoted, or to keep your current position, you have to alter some of your inner values. Attempting to please everyone, or, worse still, putting your values in jeopardy just to survive in your current job, will only cause internal conflict.

If you also find that you are trying to mould yourself to meet everyone else’s desires, or views, you will end up creating an internal conflict that follows you around even when you are not at work. This same view can also hold true when you have a particular goal in mind. It is almost a certainty that you may find yourself in conflict with acquaintances, friends, relatives, or even close family members.

As you work to achieve your goals, you will find that there are a certain number of people whose only comments to you are full of every imaginable criticism. All too often, their criticism is no more than jealousy because they are either unwilling to do what you are able to do, or are afraid to move outside of their current circumstances. Part of these negative feelings, for some, is a fear of failure; for them, it is far easier to adopt a negative attitude than to summon the resolve to make any change that might cause them to fail. Other people seem to enjoy being negative because they need to keep solidifying that their lack of drive, or unwillingness to work to achieve something more, is the way it’s always going to be. If you allow these types of people to negatively knock you off course, you are letting them control your life – not you.

Rather than expending your energy on trying to adapt your course to what other people want, you need to be true to your own commitment to do what it is you want. Focus your energy on taking the actions you must take to accomplish whatever it is you have decided to do. One of the hardest, but necessary, things you may have to do is to eliminate some of those former friends who revel in putting a negative spin on everything you are trying to accomplish. These types of friends are very detrimental to you. They would rather see you fail than succeed because it assures them that they are OK the way they are, and you are foolish to think that you could be different.

You need to “stay true to your course” if you are to succeed in what you want. Don’t succumb to pressures to become something you know you’re not. You have a choice even if others won’t support it.

Source by Catherine Pulsifer

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