Stop Trying to Follow Everyone Else, Let Them Follow You

Do you have a “herd mentality”? Do you feel that you need to do what others do so that you do not feel left behind or left out? Have you ever received an offer for an opportunity to join a club or a business and heard the famous line, “This company is going places and you better join now while it’s in its beginning stage so that you don’t get left behind”? Or maybe in school, a party was going on and a friend might have mentioned, “Everyone who’s cool will be there, so if you want to fit in, you need to be there too”. Sometimes in order to feel as if you are “fitting in”, there are sacrifices made that may later cause consequences that are not always pleasant.

There are individuals who have emptied their savings accounts to get started in a business opportunity and in the beginning they attended all of the weekly meetings to assist with their motivation and to be privy to the sharing of sales techniques and recruiting techniques to pull others into the business. They began to do like the others and show how excited they were to be in the business and then gradually, this excitement began to ease and the realization dawned upon them that they’re in an even worse financial crisis than they were when they first began.

What went wrong? Or maybe we can ask, “What went right?” This experience is a learning experience and sometimes a very costly one. There’s nothing wrong with getting excited about promoting someone else’s business or product, but why not let it be your own or at the very least one that you have some control over? What are you getting at Shyra, you might ask? Well, I’m saying if someone else was intelligent enough to come up with an idea to recruit others to promote their business and make them more money, why not become THE ONE that provides a product and/or business opportunity and have others promoting for you? Invest that money into yourself and into your own product line. It’s not as difficult as you might think. Start researching on the internet today and find your niche market. It’s nothing wrong with “doing your own thing”. Stand out and let the herd begin to follow you!

Source by Shyra Smith

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