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Cocktail Revolution showcase the best street style fashion from around Australia, as our photographers discover stand out looks in the street.

Our photographers are out there pounding the streets looking for original style and fashion choices that stand out. Our images of your street style from Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide & Perth include quirky, high-end, street wear, and even sometimes, couture! All the images you’ll see in our weekly street style gallery are authentic. No model poses. No pre-planning. And no styling or make- up for days. Photos of your street style  from Melbourne, Sydney and the other capital cities are exactly that. Our photographers are snapping people exactly as they find you in the street. While you’re welcome to pose to look your best, our street style gallery is of real people and their real authentic fashion choices and self styled. That way we can showcase what you really choose to wear in the street, as opposed to what the fashion industry is telling you that you should be wearing!

Cocktail Revolution is capturing  the best and most authentic street style and  fashion from around Australia. Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth provide the “trenches” for our street style photographers. They  track the latest trends that are actually being worn. The best shots are posted every week along with a summary of the latest trends.

We’re looking at styling and fashion that’s selected and worn by everyday Aussies. Your photos remain in our street style gallery for one week. You’ll see a timer on our home page. You can vote until the timer  counts down to zero. After that the photos will appear in our monthly lookbook.

While the photos remain in the weekly gallery, you can vote for your favourite look by tapping the cocktail glass on the left hand side of the photo. Or shop the garment by hitting the tag. It will take you directly to the same garment on the maker’s website. top voted favourite wins  a hero tee shirt of your choice from High Tees Australia.


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