Students’ Involvement in Classrooms – 6 Factors

Students should be actively involved in the classroom since the students’ involvement is the core of the learning process. Teachers are in a far better position if they know what factors related to students’ involvement. Here I will share my experience as a teacher related to factors that influence the students’ involvement.

1. Motivation

Students’ motivation is highly related to their involvement in the classroom. If students feel they want to learn, they will easily get involved in the learning process.

2. Setting

School physical conditions greatly affect the students’ involvement. How comfort the desk arrangement, how beautiful the wall decoration, and how clear the sight and sound will make students enjoy their classroom. Enjoying the class is a beginning process of students’ involvement.

3. Teacher

The teachers’ roles in the classrooms are that of parents, teacher, friends, motivators, organizers, and coordinators. Students will get involved in the learning process if the teachers have high interest in the materials and they are enthusiastic about the subject matters they teach.

4. Method

The selection of a method is supposed to meet students’ need and interest. In other words, the appropriate method will make students enjoy the learning process. If they find the method boring, they will become unmotivated and vice versa.

5. Materials

Materials used in the classroom can be books, cassettes, workbooks, videos, CD rooms, or dictionaries. Other materials are newspaper, magazines and photographs. Teaching materials have a big impact on the students’ involvement. However, the materials provided in the market are not all suitable with learners. Teachers should modify and develop them so they can involve students in the learning process.

6. Facilities

Facilities are needed to support the learning process in the classroom. How can students get involved in the process if the facilities are not complete?

When students are busy with their own activity, teachers should be alerted and think that it is a sign of failure in teaching. Students’ involvement can be maximally achieved if it is supported by effort to improve it. Before deciding what efforts to be applied in the classroom, think about factors related to it. Paying attention to those factors can help you involve your students in the learning process.

Source by Boya Fernando

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