Style Icon Profile – How to Dress Like Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Ah yes, here is a name that draws an intake of breath in admiration, be you man or woman, this is a woman that has been admired for generations for an infinite number of reasons. If you are a woman, then you know full well just why she is so adored. It is no secret that I heart Jackie O, and I know that I am just one of many women that …. even generations after she is gone, I join a throng of followers in the shadows of grace and elegance that she left behind .

Many do not know that Jackie Kennedy Onassis was a social debutante before she was a First Lady, and it was her blue blood upbringing that taught her the importance of timeless style. She knew and reveled in French couture long before she met Mr. John. And then she became the First Lady in many more sense of the word. She was THE "first" Lady to bring glamor to the White House. She then wore modest but traditional fashion with her fawn coats, clean suits, A-line frocks, and infamous pillbox hats. She perfected the little black dress like nobody else could, and she did so with the help of her favorite designers Dior, Givenchy, and Chanel. Even when JFK's death ravaged a nation, she mourned him in nothing else but a coat of strength and a simple but stunning Valentino dress.

One could say that in terms of becoming a star, she had it "easy" by being the First Lady to one of America's most beloved and most famous Presidents. (but I am sure if you ask ANY First Lady that "easy" is not a word they would use to describe their life) During her years as First Lady anyone that was able to watch her youthful elegance grace the small screen could say this was a woman that coined the term "star quality". She was one half of one of America's most famous power couples, but the key to her infamous style and grace was not about being married to a very powerful man. She proved this by stepping outside the widow's box and being a power woman and inspiration to us all for generations to come.

After his death, she no longer needed tradition and simplicity, and broke out of the political mode spicing up her wardrobe with dramatic but punchy changes. She moved towards Caroline Hererra's work with polka dotted rockabilly dresses, polka dotted sunglasses paired with flared gypsy skirts, and wide legged pantsuits that today, are even more popular than they were then … all because of Jackie O.

Jackie O's style lives on today, and it is this timeless elegance that continues an era of romance in fashion that is very difficult to replicate. Her exquisite taste has been embodied by more than a handful of commercial labels and designers, and the Little Black Dress has done more than just … live on. Her greatest accessory was always confidence, and though any woman can dress like Jackie O, not every woman can embody her style.

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