Stylish Flat Shoes 2007

2007 is the year of flat shoes and, for most women, that is a godsend if there ever was one. Flat shoes are not only comfortable; this season they come in a variety of styles and colors that would excite any woman.

This year’s flat shoes styles include both ballerina and peep toe varieties, and the colors that are all the rage range green, yellow and pink to red and cobalt blue. Of course, black and white are the typical staples for most women’s summer wardrobes, and you can feel free to stick with what makes you most comfortable.

So if you’re raring to get yourself a pair, or 3, of this summer’s flat shoes extraordinaire, let’s get moving on the styles available.

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Flat shoes design #1


Available in light green, light yellow, red, black, and white, these adorable and uber-comfortable flats will take you from the street to the office, all the while ensuring high-quality comfort and sleek design.

Wear them with: A long flowing skirt, Capri pants (no, they will never go out of style) or casual jeans. Just avoid overmatching (a monochrome green all over is just not flattering).

Flat shoes design #2


Metallics are taking over this summer, although these shoes come in both silver and black (for those of us not yet willing to take the Martian plunge). With an original suede-tip finish and a faux bow, these shoes offer up a snug fit without sacrificing style.

Wear them with: Short shorts and a tank or casual jeans and a T-shirt.

Flat shoes design #3


With lace detailing and 10 laces across the top, these ballet flats provide a more elegant look for the woman who wants to dress up her gams without the pain of high heels. Available in bone, pink, light beige, and black, these stylish and delicate looking shoes will have you prancing around wherever you go.

Wear them with: Anything from a flirty knee-high skirt to loose-fitting Capris.

Flat shoes design #4


Easily one of the hottest flat shoes this season, these sexy lace up flat shoes flatter both the foot and the ankle, and create the look of a long, lean leg. Although they’re only available in beige, this really is the most flattering color for these shoes, as they express a subtle feel and a very feminine appeal.

Wear them with: A knee high skirt or a pair of loose fitting shorts.

Flat shoes design #5


These Victorian inspired, lace crocheted ballerina flat shoes dark brown, bone and black, will impress both you and anyone who takes notice. And considering how stylish they are, you can bet that just about everyone will.

Wear them with: A bohemian skirt and top or cut off jeans.

Flat shoes for summer

This year’s flat shoes will keep women in better moods because we all know that comfortable feet make for a happy woman, so get out there and get walking in your newfound comfort.


Source by Suzie Waterman

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