Supermodel Expectations

What to expect

Being an executive in the fashion industry, I am often asked by tons of aspiring models, how to break onto the runway scene. As in any fashion trade, modeling is an extremely competitive and harsh business. You’ve seen the modeling shows such as “Janice Dickinson’s Modeling Agency” that mesmerize the world of clothing shoots, runway gigs and designer apparel. However to get to that working model eminence, it can be greatly “impegnativo” as they say in Italian.

Having said that, models are needed on many tiers, from international boutique fashion shows to regional marketing campaigns and even cover girls. The steps to get to the big time can be extremely stressful but it is possible. It is imperative to expect to work diligently, and listen to the experts in the field.

Agent Hunting

Don’t get conned into paying mega bucks by an agency that promises to make you the queen of the runway. Real agents work with studios and film companies and will make sure you are ready and that you have your readiness intact for work. Small towns that use terms like, we get NY and LA producers are usually scams.

Begin Early

It’s no question that models are getting younger and younger in years. Most of the newest faces on covers of magazines are as young as 14 or less. Commencing early is an advantage that is definitely worth it because of the vast career options. Models of all ages are working in the fashion sector every day and there are all categories that need new models and looks.

Build Your Portfolio

Building your book can make you look good and in some ways can help you get pictures for free. Utilize test shoots with student photographers. These usually do not pay well but once again free pictures are always nice in many ranges of looks. Make sure your book is updated as this is a must. Remember you do not ever know what to expect so having a variety of looks is great advice for any supermodel.

Take Fashion Classes

Make sure you ask your agent where you can take runway classes or posing classes. Agents sometimes offer clientele advance courses to help with your modeling career.

Pay Scale

Remember these agents will take commission off the top of the gig. Most get 10-20% which is usually the norm on 1-2 day job. There is no way around this if you want to attain a good book. Most gigs currently are paid on a flat fee basis.

Most Super-Models can be seen a mile away and don’t even know they are being scanned for a job. Fresh looks and sometimes very ordinary is what the clients are looking for. Always think out of the box and you might be the next Vogue or Cosmopolitan Cover Girl. Always be confident nothing is impossible.

Source by Vincent Crusha

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