Synopsis for 03-26-2021 what we have to know earlier than the market opens DD : GME

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r/GME - Synopsis for 03-26-2021 what we need to know before the market opens DD

None of that is monetary recommendation.

First of I wish to prolong a thanks to the group for extending such heat and prepared hand to assist out others, even when confronted with threats from outsiders you all stepped as much as let u/heyitspixel and me know that we the place by no means alone.

So on behalf of each of us, Thanks ! <3

now onto the information!

Dennis Kelleher

For the individuals who have watched “gamestopped half 2” mr Kelleher is a really outspoken one who was a witness within the second listening to and Mr. Kelleher is an internationally sought professional on monetary reform, monetary markets, economics, regulation, authorized points, and their intersection with political issues. Along with testifying within the U.S. Senate and Home of Representatives, he speaks steadily within the U.S. and Europe on these issues at conferences, seminars and symposiums in addition to on all media platforms.

This good man goes to do an AMA with us, right here on r/GME immediately at 1PM EST; he’ll be speaking about GameStop, citsecurities, RobinhoodApp, paymentfororderflow & far more!

you probably have any questions remember to be right here and to be courteous, it is a very busy man however he takes day without work to talk to all of us, which I’m eternally grateful for.

r/GME - Synopsis for 03-26-2021 what we need to know before the market opens DD

SEC Assembly

Yesterday the SEC had a closed door assembly, now in and of itself that’s not bizarre, so far as I do know this occurs as soon as a month anyway.

What bought spoken of in there’s a completely completely different matter.

u/Conscious-Sea-5937 was variety sufficient to do a dive into the minutes of the assembly.

as might be seen here

The primary take-aways for me on this complete factor are fortunately straightforward:

  1. it will almost certainly lead to a felony lawsuit, which means will probably be greater than only a easy “slap on the wrist” they usually obtain.

  2. Confidential informant safety, this implies somebody is almost certainly stepping up and so they want to ensure they’re protected correctly (along with the Whistleblower’s fee going up lately, it might imply somebody has already stepped up)

  3. to me this all reads as if somebody is about to be pinched.

  4. granted this might all be a coincidence that these particular issues are being mentioned now, however the timing is simply to excellent for me personally.

however is not it good that on the identical time Jpow has ended the Fed’s infinite cash glitch for banks this comes out:

r/GME - Synopsis for 03-26-2021 what we need to know before the market opens DD

Plainly the inf-money glitch has been patched out and so they banked on it to proceed, now that it would not they’re up in opposition to a wall…. hmmmm 🤔

so take away is;

Financial institution bought inf cash for Covid (so they would not fall), Fed says nah we financially within the clear now, SEC says lol we completed along with your shit after which the 31st of march occurs to be the final day they will lend…. unsure what’s going to occur when that glitch of theirs ends however it may be a spectacle to say the least.

r/GME - Synopsis for 03-26-2021 what we need to know before the market opens DD

Save the whales

Okay lets do that factor *cracks knuckles like a geriatric*

As lots of people have been posting in regards to the lengthy whales and why they would not pull out.

u/beowulf77 the oracle of Wuz, did a fantastic deep dive into one of many largest whales, Blackrock/Vanguard.

found here

It provides a little bit of background as to who they’re, and I might advise you to learn it in full.

However to present a fast overview lets make this a bit simpler to digest, like tendies.

To reform a board RC would not have sufficient energy on his personal to kick folks out on his personal, however you recognize who would? RC AND Blackrock. RC has a protracted background with them as Blackrock the place the blokes who backed RC with Chewy and made certain he had the capital to start doing what he believed in.

To reform an organization you want 2 issues: voting share majority and a kickass CEO.

Now whereas RC himself cannot START the proceedings to get his most popular members instated (as we now have seen in yesterdays each day he wants to remain under 19.9% shares) and he cannot begin selecting a board till 2022.

However you recognize who can? Blackrock, as a result of they have no contract in place, they simply personal numerous shares, so although they did not vote final 12 months, there might have been an excellent purpose for them to take action, as a result of by the way it appears to be like proper now they’re those making the performs for RC in order that this firm did not need to take care of a corrupt board (proven by the CFO’s shot at making an attempt to oust RC when he bought in).

So TLDR, why would not the whales money out? as a result of they see a future brighter than we are able to all see proper now, they’re almost certainly in shut contact with RC and know his plans, they’ve backed him for years so why would they abruptly flip?

r/GME - Synopsis for 03-26-2021 what we need to know before the market opens DD

DTCC Restoration and Wind Down (“R&W”) Process

u/Leaglese did a fantastic write-up here

Usually I would give a piece with my private take-aways from the filings and attempt to give a synopsis, however u/leaglese did a hell of a job and you need to learn his, my tackle it traces up along with his as effectively.

r/GME - Synopsis for 03-26-2021 what we need to know before the market opens DD

The Glitch of 290 Million in GME Matrix!

For over Three days in a row we now have been seeing some bizarre “glitch” on the books, with big volumes that are a number of instances the out there (whole) float.

The factor is folks maintain pinging me and asking my opinion, however I lack the technical data to say that is both a bug created as a result of they nonetheless run issues on home windows XP or that it is a technical indicator so I am pinging u/wardenelite and hope he might maybe clarify this, I may also be asking mr Kelleher about this if he would maybe know something about this or understand how we might clarify this.

As a result of a glitch as soon as is only a glitch, a glitch taking place consecutively day after day… that’s often not a glitch.

additionally this ties along with:

And for the folks anxious about “BUT THE MARKET CAP”

As RC tweeted yesterday, the bears took a large “hit”

r/GME - Synopsis for 03-26-2021 what we need to know before the market opens DD


Be pleasant, assist others!

as at all times we’re right here from all completely different walks of life and all completely different nations.

This does not matter as we’re all apes in right here, and apes are buddies.

Does not matter should you’re a silverback a chimp or a bonobo.

We assist one another, we look after one another.

Ape do not combat ape, apes assist different apes

this helps us weed out the shills actually quick, as if everybody is useful, those who aren’t stand out.

keep in mind the basics of this firm are nice, they need to be above the present value level, so for the love of god if somebody begins with making an attempt to unfold FUD, remind your self of the basics.

There isn’t a sense of urgency, it will come when it comes, be every week, be it a month be it six.

We do not care, simply be good and lets make this group as Wonderful as we are able to!

r/GME - Synopsis for 03-26-2021 what we need to know before the market opens DD

Keep in mind none of that is monetary recommendation, I am so retarded I am not allowed to go to the zoo ‘trigger they will put me within the cage with the remainder of my ape brothers.

If something occurs all through the day I shall be including it right here.


and my btc is on my profile as at all times.

And I will be posting updates as they occur right here:

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