Teach Yourself How to Play the Guitar!

Teaching yourself how to play the guitar is easier today than ever especially with the invention of the internet. Now all you have to do is get a guitar and begin learning on your own. People usually quit because they lack the motivation to practice. I have tried a learning system named Jamorama that is a pretty valuable kit to use if you want to teach yourself how to play the guitar.

Ben Edwards is the creator of Jamoroma. He was the lead guitarist for the popular down-under band “DegreesK”, who toured internationally. It’s important that for whichever system you choose to use, to make sure the “teacher” is experienced. You want to be able to learn the basics and not skip right to “jamming” because you will miss some important components of the learning process.

One valuable component a guitar learning system should have is a guide on how to read guitar tablature (or TAB) which is very essential. You should be able to play hundreds of songs available on guitar TAB on the internet. It should also teach you how to build strength and agility so you can avoid sore fingers…a common problem of mines. A good system would also include a library of chord progressions. This will show you how to progress from major chords into minor chords incorporating rhythm patterns.

Another useful component I found using the Jamorama learning system is that they included a video of step-by-step jamming sessions on how you can teach yourself how to play the guitar. The funny thing about it is that the sessions cover a wide range of music including rock, country, jazz, hip hop, dance, country, and blues. I found myself jamming rockstar mode and then turning around and being able to play classical music. I impressed myself. The fact that you’re able to watch the teacher play and figure out which chords they are using was amazing to me. These components to a learning system are beneficial in developing skills in reading sheet music and being able to recognize notes by ear.

So if you are yearning to teach yourself how to play the guitar, I recommend you try a learning system that discusses all of these components which are very important to playing a guitar.

Source by Tamara Jones

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