Teenagers And Fashion Blogs

Today, teenagers' original ideas about trendy clothes and accessories can become a real inspiration for everybody. Teenagers' blogs are a real alternative to magazines which sometimes fail to translate the latest trends presented on catwalks into everyday life outfits that can be worn by normal people.

Teenagers have launched a real phenomenon. Their entertaining and informative blogs allow quick communication between author and reader. Unlike magazines, which promote expensive designer clothes, make-up and skincare products, teenagers' blogs present original, fun ideas coming from young people who love to share their views on beauty and trends.

Young people who write on fashion are active persons, driven by the passion for beautiful things. Their ideas are fresh and genuine. As they love to go out a lot, youngsters are always in touch with new trends. Their fashion awareness is also increased by the fact that they get inspiration from the street. Bloggers can tell you how to wear the cool maxi dresses, sexy crop trousers and harem pants that are in style this season. If you don't know what to wear to the party tonight, just ask your favorite blogger for a piece of advice.

Successful bloggers are very active; they write as frequently as they can and always keep in touch with the latest in the fashion world. They also revive the most relevant posts in order to avoid displaying dated information. Teenagers who know how to attract new readers also offer small free gifts, like perfume or face cream samples for signing up to their newsletter.

If fashion magazines have more elaborate and sophisticated editorials and photos, teenagers' fashion blogs make more 'down to earth' styling suggestions; the most important advantage is that bloggers can stay in touch with the readers. Their comments can also improve the content of the articles. This way, the blog transforms into an open discussion space where people can socialize and exchange views.

One of the most successful teenagers of the moment is Tavi Gevinson, who began writing on fashion when she was only 11. Today, at the age of 13, the talented teenager is considered a phenomenon; she has become a muse for designers and a constant guest of the big runways.

Source by Jack Wogan

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