Teeter Totter – The Pleasure / Pain Principle

I noticed one day that I was hungry and it did not feel good. It was kind of painful, actually. So I cooked something to eat and ate it and then I felt so much better. Then I went to work to get money so I could buy more food. I got hungry again and had pain again so I cooked some more tasty treats and then I felt so good. But for just a little while. Sure enough I got hungry again and felt the pain and I wanted to get rid of the pain so I worked and bought food and cooked it and ate it. Then I felt good again.

All my life I have had ongoing discomfort. And I took action to move myself away from the discomfort towards whatever I knew would make me feel good. The pain and the actions I took to feel better where always a part of my life, of my daily routine. In the process I got lots of work done. My work helped other people feel better for part of the day and the work they did made it possible for me to feel better as I went through my day. If a friend had some pain in his life he might ask me to help him do some work. Basically he was working to get rid of his discomfort and to get things arranged so he would feel good again. But then things in his life would start hurting him again so he would take action to get rid of the pain and to make himself feel better. We got a lot of work done for ourselves and for others. His children were rid of their discomfort they had from time to time because of the things he did. He wanted to get rid of his children's pain, his own pain, and the pain of his own true love.

And that is the way it is day in and day out. We get hungry so we work to get food so we will get rid of the discomfort. We eat and feel wonderful. Then we get hungry again, have the pain of hunger again, and take action to go from discomfort to happiness, from hunger to well fed, from pained to feeling good, always moving from pain to joy, from joy to pain, from pain to joy, all our lives. Because of this teeter totter we are on we move about, work, play, take care of ourselves and others. That is the way we are built. That is, no doubt, the way it is meant to be, because that is the way it is.

If we had no discomfort we would not take action. We would just sit still all happy and motionless until we turned into a blob. What would we do then? If everyone has turned into a motionless blob who would help us? How would we get things done? How would work get done? How would our children eat?

This observable dynamic is central to our lives and things will never be any different. We will always seek to get away from pain and to get the enjoyment instead. It is built into us and into the Universe. A happy blob would eventually get so bored that he would have to think of some action to take to get rid of the boredom. Work would get done his pursuit of enjoyment.

Are we designed this way? Did some higher power have some work he needed done in order to get rid of his pain? Did he have a problem he wanted to solve and did he build us in order to solve the problem? Is this way it is meant to be?

I really do think God made us this way in order to get rid of some sort of pain. Our functions benefit Him in some way. He made us to perform those functions in order to accomplish some sort of effect. The call of happiness keeps us seeking happiness and the pain that comes our way keeps us in action. The pain keeps coming and going as we keep on pushing ourselves in the other direction.

And that is the way life is. That is the way we all are. We will have sorrows and joys always, back and forth, over and over. We will keep moving. The fruits of our labor and the joys that result from it will come to us regularly to reward us and keep us motivated. We will get work done in order to make ourselves feel better. We will move from point A to point B daily. And our brains will keep on thinking. Our brains will keep on processing information so we can do the work that moves us from sorrow to joy regularly. We are built this way and we do what we were built to do as a result. In this is the riddle of life understood? Are the whys and the wherefores clearly seen. These things are observable in the actions of our lives every day.

Source by Terry A Chestnutt

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