The 4 Hour Work Week Dreamline – What is It?

The 4 hour work week dreamline is just that…a chart outlining your dreams, to see how approachable and within reach your ideal lifestyle is both in terms of your time and finances. What do you want maybe too difficult a question for some of us to answer. What do we dream about, that is an easier question to answer. Or perhaps and easier question is if you could do, be, or have anything you wanted today, what would it be?

The dreamline for the 4 hour work week is not how to get the 4hww but rather a motivation to continue working towards the 4 hour work week and a way to set achievable goals. Someone once told me if you stop dreaming you might as well be dead. How true that simple statement is. If we do not dream, then why do we work so hard? It is our dreams that keep us engaged in life. To accomplish the 4 hour work week you must have a business that requires less hours from you but provides the money you need to maintain the lifestyle you want. This is your 4 hour work week muse. We all need as much motivation as we can get as it is hard work to reduce the work load and bring in more money. Thus the dreamline.

The dreamline is the written word to show us what we are working for. It will also give you the basis for setting real goals that will lead to attaining your dreams or dream lifestyle. Ask yourself the question, “If I could do anything I wanted today, what would it be?” Now close your eyes and begin daydreaming. See yourself where you would want to be, doing what you would want to be doing or having. As your visualizations come, write them down. You are making your dreamline.

The 4hww dreamline provides us the means in an excel spreadsheet format to list all the things that keeps us working so we can shorten our actual work but bring in more money. With more money we can get our dreams. This is the proverbial carrot on a stick that keeps us racing. By accomplishing your dreams you will be living the lifestyle you want.

Take a good look at your list. This is your dreamline. Tim Ferriss developed the 4 hour work week dreamline concept and Jared from Technotheory has tweaked the form you need to complete. It has a built in formula to calculate how within reach your ideal lifestyle is in terms of finances and time. From your dreamline you can make 4 to 5 goals you need to accomplish to achieve the 4 hour work week.

So, there you have it. The method to provide you with the goals to achieve your 4 hour work week and stay motivated to have the lifestyle you always wanted to live. As the song says, “Dream a little dream”. Little dreams can have huge payoffs.

Source by Robert Murgatroyd

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