The Benefits of Drinking Green Smoothies Daily

Green smoothies are healthy additions for a healthier lifestyle. These are made of fruits and vegetables with some ice or some cold water blended together to form a rich and nutritious drink. Not only is a green smoothie a healthier choice to drink but there are also lot of benefits involved in its consumption. It is natural, unlike most beverages today, which contain artificial sweeteners and chemicals.

These artificial sweeteners include aspartame and acesulfame potassium, which are still in question regarding whether or not they are carcinogenic. Even without the use of artificial sweeteners, processed sugars alone can contribute and increase the risk of diabetes when there is too much consumption. There is no need to fear having an increased risk in diabetes when drinking green smoothies, because these contain basic sugars, such as fructose, which are easily broken down.

So how does it fare in taste? Since taste and palatability are among the main concerns for foods, in general, it is important that these needs of the consumer are met. In the case of green smoothies, the fruits provide the sweet and rich flavor, while the vegetables provide the thick texture as well most of the dietary fiber the body needs. With those aspects green smoothies are excellent alternatives, or perhaps substitutes, for modern beverages like soft drinks and powdered juices.

So what are the benefits of drinking green smoothies daily? For one, these contain dietary fibers, as mentioned previously. These dietary fibers have several benefits, which many people find very valuable. Dietary fibers help in the regulation of blood sugar levels, which case diabetics can find really helpful. These also help in the regulation and reduction of blood cholesterol levels, particularly low density lipoprotein levels.

Low density lipoproteins are also known as “bad cholesterols,” and they can contribute to the inflammation of the blood vessels or arterial walls due to plaque or fat buildup. This condition is known as arteriosclerosis, and this condition can worsen, leading to further complications and even death. Dietary proteins also alleviate constipation by making the stool more solid and formed. These not only speed up the passage of food through the digestive system but also help in the removal of harmful substances in the body, such as carcinogens and toxins. When speed of the passage of food through the digestive system is increased, this can lead to an increase in metabolic rate, which is ideal for those wanting to lose weight. Not only that, but it also makes one feel full faster when eating, leading to decrease in appetite, which, in the case of those wanting to lose weight, is a good thing. Risk for colorectal cancer can be reduced due to another action of dietary fiber, which balances intestinal pH and stimulates intestinal fermentation of short-chain fatty acids.

The benefits of drinking green smoothies daily also include its cheap cost. It is also natural; you know the saying “nothing beats the natural.” Green smoothies are also one way to enjoy vegetarian food and are a glass full of health in the form of a drink.

Source by Becki Andrus

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