The Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

Green Tea was first consumed in China over 4,000 years ago which makes it the oldest herb tea that is still being consumed today. As far back as 2737 BC Green Tea was consumed on a regular basis by the Emperor of China at the time called Shennong.

Although Green Tea was originally from China it has become associated with many cultures in Asia. There has been a lot of research and money spent looking specifically at the benefits that this tea offers. One of the well-known researchers that has been working on the benefits of this tea for years says that it is without a doubt the healthiest drink on the market.

Dr. Beth Reardon who is a Boston nutritionist explains that the reason why this tea is so beneficial is because of Catechins. She explains that the production of all Green Tea users very little processing that allows every cup you make to be packed with these beneficial catechins.

Catechins are highly effective antioxidants that are even able to prevent cell damage caused by ageing. However that is only one of the many benefits offered by this tea if it is taken on a regular basis. Research tells us that Green tea will not only lower your cholesterol level but also improve blood flow in your body preventing high blood pressure and congestive heart failure.

This research on the advantage it offers the heart led researchers to examine the advantages this tea has on the brain. A research project done in Switzerland using MRI’s from people who drank Green Tea showed conclusively that these people had an increase in their working memory area that they use.

Recent research that has been done on the growing Alzheimer’s problem in America. Using the positive results seen in Switzerland more specific research was done on how it will affect Alzheimer’s disease in the USA. This research conclusively proved that drinking this tea will help to block the formation of specific plaques that have been linked to Alzheimer’s.

With Diabetes now the fastest growing disease on the planet researchers started doing research on Green tea and Diabetes. The research proved that because the catechins help to low blood pressure and cholesterol they are able to protect the damage caused by eating a high fat diet improving blood sugar levels.

The billion dollar weight-loss industry also tried to prove that it would help to lose weight by showing that the increased fat metabolism offered by this tea would help one lose weight. Unfortunately this has never been conclusively proven and the senior researcher in the project called Dr. Ochner says that if you replace a soda with Green Tea once a day you will reduce your calorie consumption by 50 000 calories over a year.

He explains that this will be a loss of 15 pounds of fat if no honey or sugar is added to the tea. The active ingredient in Green Tea is EGCG and research has still not proved conclusively that it will help to lose weight, even though it may help to speed up fat metabolism.

Source by Shaun Swilling

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