The Best Volumizing Shampoo Products

In general, women are considered to be naturally vain. They always want to make sure that they always look their best for any occasion and they do this by carefully selecting their outfit for the day and seeing that they are properly groomed. If there are is one body part that is given special attention when it comes to the grooming department, it would be the hair. After all, a woman’s hair is her crown and glory.

Most women go to a salon at least once a month to have their locks treated, others go as often as every week for treatment to ensure optimum health for their hair. These treatments range from conditioning therapy, coloring, haircuts, straightening, or permanent curls. These types of treatment don’t come cheap so you can just imagine just how much women spend on their hair just to look like a million dollars.

These days, most women are no longer satisfied with the type of hair they are born with. Take women with straight hair for example. While curly haired women are often envious of them, they often go to enormous lengths to change their look by either spending hours with a curling iron in the hopes that it can help them give some volume to their hair. When they realize that their curling irons have caused more harm than good to their hair, they head straight to the salon to get their damaged strands treated.

However, you don’t have to subject your hair to such treatment if all you want is to give it some volume because there are a lot of hair volumizing products available in the market. You should start by selecting the best volumizing shampoo coupled with a conditioner. To choose the best brand of volumizing shampoo, you need to do some research.

How to Choose the Best Volumizing Shampoo for Your Hair

Before you head to the supermarket to pick-up the same volumizing shampoo your friend uses, you first need to determine your hair type. You see, not all women with straight hair can benefit from one specific brand. Just because your hair is as straight as your friend’s doesn’t mean that the composition of your strands as well as your follicles are the same.

To determine your hair type, first look at your strands. Are they thin and break easily? Do they seem a bit elastic? If so, you should seriously consider getting a sulfate free volumizing shampoo and conditioner. You may have to spend a little more than getting regular shampoo but the good thing is that your hair won’t become frizzy and it won’t be subjected to abuse from regular washing.

How Much Should you Spend on your Shampoo

When choosing the best volumizing shampoo for your hair, it is also important to consider your budget. You don’t have to break the bank just so you can take good care of your locks but keep in mind that home hair care products should be an investment on your part because it will help you save on costs for getting treatments at a professional salon. To give you an idea on how much shampoos with volumizing effects should cost, you can use this as a reference:

Volumizing shampoo (Sulfate-free) – $30 – $60 depending on the brand

Volumizing dry shampoo – $20 – $30

Organic volumizing shampoo – $10 – $25

Of course, there are cheaper varieties that may deliver the same result. It all depends on how patient you are at reading the labels in the shampoos that can be found in the aisles of your local supermarket and how willing you are to try new products. Always remember that expensive products don’t always deliver the best result and almost all brands will claim that theirs is the best volumizing shampoos in the market. Don’t fall for this tagline, before you pick-up that bottle of shampoo that’s worth $60, read the label so you can take a look at the ingredients and what it promises.

Valuable Hair Care Tips

If you have oily hair, wash it every day. Dirt and dust easily stick to oily hair and if you don’t wash them off, they can penetrate into your hair follicles and cause dandruff.

If you have dry hair, make sure to have no shampoo days. The natural oil produced by your hair is important because it protects your hair from absorbing too much of the chemicals present in hair care products.

Avoid subjecting your hair to too much heat. The importance of this is often overlooked by a majority of women who regularly blow-dry and use curling or straightening irons. Too much application of heat can result to breakage and split-ends. If you must, make sure to set your dryer to its lowest setting before you use it.

Have your hair trimmed at least every 6 weeks. Doing so will allow you to get rid of split ends and it will also allow your hairdresser to give you a regular assessment on the condition of your tresses.

Source by Sheila Rae D. Opulencia

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