The Brioni Shirt – Quality and Craftsmanship

Dress shirts are an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. Dress shirts can be worn almost anywhere at any time of the day. And, if you are going to get dress shirt, you might consider adding a Brioni shirt to your wardrobe. Why a Brioni? Because, Brioni is one of the very best names in the fashion industry. However, to truly understand and appreciate Brioni you have to know something about the house and its philosophy.

The house of Brioni was founded in 1945 in the middle of war torn Italy. The country had been ravished by the effects of the Second World War. There were hundreds of thousands of people without homes, and the economy was in shreds. The government was in total disarray and the country had barely even thought of how to begin rebuilding.

It was in this era that two young Italian men decided that they were going to open a fashion house. The name of Brioni was chosen in part as a representation of what life had been like before the war and what it could be again. They wanted the Italian people to associate the name of their fashion house with the very best images of life and what it could be again.

The Italians knew Brioni to be a place where the rich and famous had played. It was the epitome of the best that life had to offer. From golf to polo, the region of Brioni was the best. This was what the two men wanted their customers to think of when they heard the name of Brioni.

The house was started by Nazareno Fonticoli and Gaetano Savini. The two men brought very different contributions to the company. Fonticoli was a master tailor. He would be the one doing most of the hands on work. Savini was the marketing end of the partnership. He was an entrepreneur and something of a player. He had connections and the strategies that would appeal to the upper crust of society.

The two men realized early on that they would have to be different from the other fashion houses if they wanted to succeed. They would not only need to produce an extremely good product, they would have to appeal to a much larger market. The Americans were the ones with money and they were the ones that Brioni set out to conquer.

The two young men also realized that they had to compete in a market that was very competitive. There were very few people who could afford to buy designer clothes at the end of the war. If they wanted to compete they would have to make the very best in clothing. And they did.

They not only made a product that appealed to the North American market which was clearly shown by the number of Hollywood celebrities who became part of their client base. They created clothes that attracted the attention of nobility and politicians around the globe. The house of Brioni has managed to maintain this level of both sophistication and quality in the world of fashion today. If you want to see an example of Brioni tailoring you have only to look at Donald Trump, Luciano Pavarotti, George Bush and the list goes on.

If you want to own and wear the very best in men’s clothes you have to have a Brioni in your closet.

Source by Jane P. Long

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