The FBI is asking questions about former Gov. Matt Bevin’s pardons : politics

Begs the question:. Why allow pardons at all?

The power to issue a pardon is one of the avenues (&, sometimes, the LAST avenue) by which a wrongly convicted person can receive justice, or where a person given an unreasonably long prison sentence (often in cases of a defendant being “made an example of”) can have their sentence mitigated.

If sentencing is unjust, the legislature can change it.

They’ve created the unjust sentencing laws, though, & most don’t look likely to change them for the better anytime soon. There are many people in America in prison who are still in prison because they’ve entered “best interest” pleas, in which actual innocence isn’t a grounds for appeal; there are also many imprisoned in America who’ve received unjust sentences, but for whom the courts have been blocked by the legislatures from granting motions of post-conviction relief. For such people, the pardon power is their only hope for justice.

Why should one person have the authority to override Juries and Judges in someone’s sentence?

Many incarcerated innocents (who have since exhausted their appeals) have been unjustly sentenced to exorbitant sentences by judges with agendas other than justice.

Can we at least agree that no one can pardon a friend, especially one who took the fall to protect the person who can do pardons (Ollie North cough)?

Yes! Definitely!!

It’s sick that Matt Bevin abused his pardon powers, just like Bill Clinton before him, & Poppy Bush before him, & Ray Blanton before him, & so on & so forth. But we can’t allow occasional abuses to prevent us from seeing the forest for the trees, as this is too important an issue of mercy & justice.

As such, we just can’t dial back the power to issue full, free, & unconditional pardons. However, the pardon power should definitely just be moved to clemency boards so as to prevent the individual abuse thereof.

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