The FBI Is Investigating Russia’s Efforts To Steal 2020 For Trump

The US intelligence community is investigating Russia’s effort to attack the 2020 election for Trump and undermine Joe Biden.

Bloomberg reported:
U.S. intelligence and law enforcement officials are assessing whether Russia is trying to undermine Joe Biden in its ongoing disinformation efforts with the former vice president still the front-runner in the race to challenge President Donald Trump, according to two officials familiar with the matter.


Part of the inquiry is to determine whether Russia is trying to weaken Biden by promoting controversy over his past involvement in U.S. policy toward Ukraine while his son worked for an energy company there.

The FBI refused to comment to Bloomberg on their investigation, but it is clear that the disinformation that is being spread by Trump and Rudy Giuliani on Biden and Ukraine is the sort of mass-scale effort that the Russians will be undertaking for Trump in 2020.

One of the lessons that the Russians learned from 2016 is that their campaign to boost support for Trump was less effective than their disinformation campaign against Hillary Clinton. The same axis of disinformation and lies that existed in 2016 is expected to be louder and bolder in 2020.

The Russians have their pawn in place with Trump in the White House. They don’t want to see Biden because he is firmly dedicated to taking on Putin and checking Russia’s aggression.

This time the United States knows what’s coming, and hopefully, can take steps to combat the Russians 2020 election attack.

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