The Features of the Scotsman Crushman 360 Ice Crusher

Everyone enjoys a cold drink with ice but there is nothing quite like having a drink with crushed ice. It just feels different and more enjoyable. It puts you in a holiday mood. This ice is more often used in cocktails because the alcohol is usually mixed or shaken with the ice to create a fascinating and enticing summer drink.

The Scotsman Crushman 360 Ice Crusher is the ideal catering equipment when it comes to making crushed ice. Here are its features.

  • This catering equipment has the capability to crush a whopping 360 kilograms of ice per 24 hour cycle. That’s a lot of ice for one day. You can serve a lot of cocktails with that amount of crushed ice.
  • You can set the unit to give you different types of crushed ice. These options include fine, medium, or coarse textured crushed ice. If you have different requirements for the various cocktails or drinks that you serve, you can select the appropriate texture to make the drink perfect.
  • The Scotsman Crushman 360 Ice Crusher has a power output of 230 volts with a single phase setting. It is a powerful piece of catering equipment so it’s not surprising that it is able to crush that much ice.
  • Once the ice has been crushed there is a convenient section for storage which can hold three and a half kilograms of it. Be sure to clear this out as often as you can if you are planning on making more crushed ice.
  • This catering equipment is quite compact considering its capabilities. It is conveniently small enough to place anywhere in your kitchen or bar. It measures only 245 millimetres wide by 430 millimetres high and 490 millimetres deep.
  • The Scotsman Crushman 360 Ice Crusher has a relative weight of 23 kilograms so it is ideally suited to be placed on a floor. It has four sturdy legs that are able to firmly grip the floor which prevents it from moving around while in use.

The Scotsman Crushman 360 Ice Crusher is the perfect catering equipment for bars and restaurants that have cocktails on their menu. With this unit you will not run out of crushed ice so you will be able to keep up with the high demand of a very busy weekend. It is also great for functions because it is a small unit that you can transport to different venues.

Source by Stana Peete

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