The Foe to BlackBerry Messenger and the New Best Friend – Palringo

It is not a secret that Blackberry has stormed Indonesia. It is a trend and also a lifestyle that’s rising fast since last year. The reasons to buy the gadget are varied. Business matter, the urge to go online all the time (you know social networking are so ‘in’ nowadays), or even a closer social matter-chat online with friends or family. BlackBerry has feature named BlackBerry Messaging (BBM) that allows you to connect with people that having the same gadget. You just have to add the pin (a unique number that given to every BlackBerry) and voila, you’re going to experience a whole new level of chatting. The feature basically is just the same as having your friend’s username on Yahoo! Messenger, but maybe BBM has an intimate way to connect you with your friends through their feature of making groups. You can join and formed some multi user chatting or chat rooms, so you can send messages to everyone at the same time. The groups are also vary, you can make a group consists of your friends that has the same interest with you (like Korean drama die-hard and friends who has Bieber fever, doh!), your high school gang, or your business colleague. Some of my friends even have a group of their big family, so they can stay in touch every time (yeah, literally every time), not only when they are at home.

The power of the trend is so strong and the temptation of having one BlackBerry is so huge. It is not a new statement to the cynical phrase “Make people that far away much closer, but people that closer feel far away” to the gadget. But, I don’t intend to make this post a cynic series again. So, this post is obviously not about the BlackBerry. I don’t own any BlackBerry, though my big sister has it and my little sister is begging for one. The reason maybe because I don’t really think I need it badly, I don’t have an urge to go online anywhere and I don’t have extra savings to pay the monthly subscription. So as we, the unfortunate one, who doesn’t have the opportunity to have the gadget, we do things. Sometimes we cursed at people having BlackBerry; sometimes we’re just need another exit. I guess we’re just jealous why people can have some little extra friends on the tip of their finger and sharing story only for those who has the gadget. For you, here’s a sweet escape.

So, meet the mighty new best friend Palringo!

Palringo is an instant messaging platform for mobile phone and desktop computer. Palringo can connects you with your friends despite any IM you use (MSN, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, Facebook Chat, GoogleTalk, etc). It is basically just the same software like eBuddy or Snaptu. But Palringo allows you to sign in with more than one IM account on the same time, which means it’s a multi client IM platform. The software is classified light, you just need 1.3 MB setup and can be installed offline. But, the true power of Palringo lies on their capability to create groups and make chat rooms available. Yes, it is like having BlackBerry Messaging on your none-BlackBerry-phone.

My two cents? Palringo is just so damned software, it’s so unbelievably cool! The standard version of instant messaging platform is their ability to share voice message, share photos and change the status through a click, Palringo has it all. Palringo also has feature to determine your location wherever you are. The features can be activated manually (you enter the name of the country, the city or the location by yourself) or automatically (you let the Palringo located your place). Palringo shows the town name and the flag of the country you’ve been next to your status. Now that’s like having foursquare.

The best feature for me is their historical data they have on the chats we did. If we want to scroll through our previous 30 days chat, we can do it in a click no matter how many times you close the conversation window. The best thing is, we don’t have to weight up our phone (or desktop) because the historical data is stored on the Palringo’s database, not on our little tiny memory phone (or hard disk).

The extra feature Palringo has is the 24-hour customer support that available to chat with you anytime and the ChatBot, Samantha! Samantha is a feature that you can chat with whenever you don’t have a friend to chat with. Like maybe the time when you gasped up 4 am in the morning and basically just need a friend to chat with (uh-oh it sounds pathetic). Samantha is a damn heck of a smart chat robot, she can answer your question of basic knowledge like the name of capital city or the currency of the country. Sometimes, her answer is kind of weird but I find it fun to chat with her. Oh, you should try it by yourself.

So, the matter is settled once and for all. This is maybe just another reason for me not to have a BlackBerry in a near future. For the mighty BlackBerry, Palringo is maybe some other threat that made your feature not special anymore.

Source by Boya Fernando

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