The Golden Words For A Successful Life

It is pretty obvious that when we use golden words to our advantage, we get a better chance for a successful life. These words which work like magic push us to keep going and not quit. Yet, too many of us give up too soon when it comes to sticking with a change or a brand-new thing in our lives.

Why do people decide to make a change then just give up? What makes it happen? What is the reason that pushes them to quit on things? Have you ever give up on something in your life?

At times, I know I did. We begin by getting excessively happy and fascinated to chase something we just set for ourselves. It feels like it is worth it, that it will work out, but after a while, we come across barriers standing in our way. Then our emotions get the best of us, the dream fades away, we are disappointed, forget the golden words, and so we give up.

So, how do successful people keep going while the others call it quit? Well, it is because we live in a generation where instant gratification is the ‘new style.’ Therefore, most people are impatient as they judge that things are just taking too long or getting too complicated.

Patience, time, hard work, sacrifices are a part of the process for any successful life. Failing, making mistakes and going through hell is going to happen no matter what we do. It is in those times of hardship that golden words come even more into play.

In life, many things do not go according to plan. If you fall, get back up. When you stumble, regain your balance. Never give up. Do not quit. Keep going. Those are golden words you could use to push yourself through when you encounter fences, walls, barriers, and obstacles in life.

Using Inspirational Words

We all need such inspirational and motivational words made of gold to start, keep going and reach our goals. The barriers in front of you will not cease to exist, but you sure can prepare yourself. Therefore, you have two choices:

  • Keep going and overcome the walls, obstacles, doubts, and fears you get.
  • Give up, quit and walk away.

So, using any golden words can keep you strong and motivated in any situation in life. Know that your feelings frequently get in the way and try to take control as you face difficulties. These emotions are not doing you any good, so you have to use powerful phrases to get a boost and keep a move on.

The Essential Golden Words

We all use golden words of motivation to drive us further in life or through something we believe in. Do you ever give up when things became too hard? If the answer is yes, why do you?

I know we all did at some point in time. But next time, do not quit. Stay on track. Follow one course until successful. Below are my top golden words for you to use anytime you feel like starting something, pushing through and keeping at it until completion.

Believe in Yourself

The first golden words and the number one rule for success are to believe in yourself. You need to believe beyond doubt that you can do it. Not just on the beginning, but all the way through. So, repeat “I believe in myself” and trust in your abilities.

Next time someone tells you that it is impossible or you cannot do it, prove them wrong. Learn about and copy successful people. It is time to awaken the warrior within you.

Be Determined

The next golden word you should get is “I am determined.” You determine to get through barriers that will make you a successful individual. If you can keep going, be determined, push on with your efforts, and do not quit, you will inevitably arrive where you want.

Remember that all you worked so hard for will be gone the instant you choose to quit. So, be like the wolf climbing the hill, coming to get what you came for, and always hungry for more.

Be Grateful

Know that no matter how hard your life now is, the moment will pass. Therefore, be thankful in any circumstances, even the most difficult ones. The phrase “I am grateful” is of those golden words that keep you in a positive state while problems arise.

I know it is not easy, but you have to focus on cultivating gratefulness, and your life will change. Do it even when your life is good or not so good. Do not settle for anything else.

Keep Going

Time is often necessary. Things will not happen overnight. You just have to keep going and find a more efficient or even another way to go forward. The golden words “keep going” should often be used and kept in your repertoire. Focus on them when you have a hard time, think there are no more avenues or feel like giving up.

Do not underestimate the power of these unique words which can help you complete specific goals. Just like the soldier in the film “Hacksaw Ridge” that keeps going all night to save as many of his injured fellow combatants as he can. And says to himself “just one more.” Therefore, be the hero of your own story.

Stay Strong

“Stay strong” is another of those golden words you should keep in mind. The road to success is everything but an easy one. If something is harder than you thought, it is time to stay strong and keep going.

Staying strong will help you progress so that over time, things will get easier. Do not be discouraged if things are not going your way. Remember: the goals we are most proud of are the most challenging.

Be Patient is also a Golden Word

Great things take time, but nowadays everyone is a hurry to get. Most people want instant gratification. But remember this golden word: “Be patient.” Anything worthwhile creating takes a lot of time, and each thing has a natural time to come into life.

Be Always Inspired

You have to always be inspired, so just imagine your end goal, and continually remember why you are doing what you are doing. Remember what do inspire you in the first place about your goal and focus on the golden words “I am always inspired.”

When you begin a project, make a change or create something new, you feel captivated, inspired and all pumped up. After a while, these emotions start to wear off, and you realize it is not that easy. So always keep your inspiration boost up.

Face Fears

Another of those golden words is “I am not afraid, and I face my fears.” Know that by facing your fears, you can leave your comfort zone. You can then grow and develop. Once you have obtained each milestone you set for yourself, you will be able to go even further.

Therefore, when you leave your comfort zone, you go beyond your limits and boundaries. You learn new skills and get more knowledge.

The Ultimate Golden Word: Never Giving Up

When you think that things should be easy, but they are harder than you thought, you may feel like quitting. That way, no more effort is necessary. You could give up, and no more problems. Welcome freedom!

One of the most famous golden words you need to have is “I never give up.” All successful people do persist, keep going, move on even after failure and never give up. If you copy this mindset, you are well on your way to a successful life.

A Final Suggestion about Golden Words

A final suggestion is that you may have to repeat these golden words to yourself over and over, many times. You just have to do it until you get it becomes a natural part of you. And remember that your present conditions are not your definitive results.

A beautiful thing about golden words is that you can acquire and learn them. Stay strong. And do not be discouraged. Successful people always use the above phrases and keep going no matter what. You do not have to quit anything. Just know that you were born a winner!

Source by Sergei VanBellinghen

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