The Hidden Secrets of a Fashion Stylist

So, you think that all of those girls you see on the cover of your favourite magazine and on TV really look that way? They don’t come into the photo shoot like that. Just watch an episode of America’s Next Top Model and you will see what I mean. It’s what happens behind the scenes that is the real magic.

Recently, I worked on a television game show (sorry, I can’t tell you the name) that featured beautiful models dressed in sexy outfits. They wanted the girls to be leggy and showing a lot of cleavage. Models are not typically busty, so we had to make them that way. The big secret here is a plunging push up bra and silcone gel inserts. Sometimes, we would even add extra padding into the bra to get the right shape. Panty lines are a no no in this industry, so we used a seamless thongs made from the thinnest microfibre fabric. To prevent the models from “falling out” of their cleavage bearing outfits, we placed two-way tape on the inside of their dresses and stuck it to their skin. Sometimes, we even sewed a few tacks through their outfit and bra so that it wouldn’t shift. During long days of shooting, we would make adjustments or replace the tape as needed.

On another photo shoot for a hair salon, the models had to look like Bond Girls. For a braless look that still looks perky, I placed peel and stick advesive bras on the models and ran duct tape from underarm to underarm below their breasts to lift them up. The advesive bra prevents the duct tape from being stuck directly to skin. To add additional cleavage, I placed a cut off knee high filled with rice and knotted just under the breast and taped them right to the advesive bras. The final touch was rubbing baby oil onto their legs and arms to give it that sexy touch.

You can achieve the look they have too with a little help. Here are a few hints that you can use:

o Use toupee tape from wig shops or other double sided fashion tape that can be purchase in lingerie stores to keep dresses and plunging tops in place (think J-Lo)

o Apply bronzer and then coco butter to legs and arms to give your legs that sun-kissed glow without needing panty hose

o Use foundation garments such as slimmers or Spanx to smooth out bulges and tummies under pants and skirts or wear seamless panties, boy shorts or thongs.

o Get fitted for a bra to make sure you are wearing the correct cup and back size. A well fitting bra will make you look thinner. If you are pillowing, at the sides and top, then the cup is too small.

o To create the illusion of fuller breast, wear a padded push up bra, or add gel or fabric bra inserts just under the breasts. Or use the knee high filled with rice. It’s cheap and really works.

o Add contour makeup to your cleavage to accentuate the look and highlight shadow to the breasts. Not too much as it will look fake.

Now all you need is to get a fabulous outfit, and you will be camera ready for the paparrazi.

Source by Heidi Loney

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