The History of the Platform Shoe Revealed

Platform shoes can be defined as shoes, boot or even sandals that have a thick sole to go along with it. The soles can be one to four inches on thickness or more and are made for cork, plastic vinyl, or wood. Since the dawn of civilization, man has been using shoes or wrapping to cover their delicate feet from damage when walking on harsh gourds. But platform have been recoded to be used as early as in the early ancient Greece, which it plays a role in alleviating important characters in Greek theaters such as high class prostitutes and courtesans of the Venetian empire.

Platforms are believed to be used in Europe back in the 18th century to avoid stepping into the muck on the streets. The Japanese geishas used these shoes for the same reasons-to avoid contact with pollutants and dirt on the streets that can tarnish their beauty and flawless complexions. In ancient Rome, men wore thickly soles to give added height and stature to the wearer. In China, Manchurian women wore such shoes that is every similar to the one seen on the Venetian chopine era.

Platform shoes were quite popular in the US in the 1930’s right up to the 1950’s. But it was until the 1970’s that the popularity of these shoes exploded and taken to new heights. There was an explosion of platform shoes in the marketplace in a variety of different styles. There are platform boots oxfords, platform sandals and sneakers. Most of it is made out of wood and synthetic materials. The originators of this new breed of platforms using the lightweight cork as its material the brand name known as the Kork-Ease. The popularity of this range of platforms has attracted many imitators. The trend eventually fizzled out and remains in obsolescence during the 1980’s.

UK fashion designer Vivienne Westwood resurrected the dying fad and breathes new life into it with her new line or designer platform shoes. She was responsible for taking the high heeled shoes into the runway and the platforms continues to rise steadily in fame after the British based band, spice Girls began a new era of performing in large shoes. The trend is now very much alive with new deigns and styles being introduced into the fashion world by world class designers.

Not even after Naomi Campbell’s fall on the fashion runaway can cause the interest for these giant sized soled shoes be dissipated in anyway. People are attracted to the platform shoes for its ability to add inches to a persons’ height. When worn or draped over a long gown out can create an illusion of a tall and statuesque person. It can create an illusion of a elongated leg when worn over short skirts. It is marvelous over flared jeans too as those flares can easily cover most part of the shoes making it highly unnoticeable at first glance.

Walking in platform shoes can be sexy and trendy but one important rule to remember is to practice wearing those shoes at home before you hit the streets in them. There is no use sacrificing your safety and comfort over fashion and since these shoes are a big trip hazard, it is important to master the art of walking with those shoes before you take them out for a fashionable stride. It seems that this simple shoes has evolved from a few centuries long of use and it is unlikely that platform shoes are gong to be forgotten real soon.

Source by Calvin M Jordan Sr

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