The Importance of Natural Diet To A Jack Russell Terrier

A Jack Russell Terrier is known to have good health compared to some other breeds included in the Kennel Club show dog. A healthy and well-cared Jack Russell Terrier can live for up to fourteen to twenty-one years.

Just like in humans, diet plays a very significant role in your dog's health and life. Imagine your life or your dog's life without a healthy diet. What would become of you? Most probably, a creature deprived of healthy diet will likely to acquire various diseases in addition to weight loss.

When I say here healthy diet, I'm referring to natural diet. What is this natural diet anyway? Is this really important to your pet? When talking about natural diet, some people may associate it with organic foods or diet. To some, it simply means foods free from artificial preservatives and dyes. Different things may mean different to different people, but no matter how different they see things, the goal is always the same. That goal is to promote good health and lengthen the happy and healthy years of your beloved companion, your pet.

Because of our modern and fast changing world, people are thankful for the existence of commercial dog foods. These foods are available in any grocery and pet supply stores and feeding your dog is no-sweat after all. Just tear the container and presto … you'll just see your dog gobbling and enjoying the goodness these foods bring. However, be careful with these commercial dog foods. They may claim that their concern is your dog's well-being but in fact what they are really after is their sales and the money that comes along with it. Cheap dog foods are often made up of meat from the diseased, down, dying or dead animals. The meat is then filled up with grains in addition to sugar, salt, cancer-causing chemicals and tasty preservatives making your pet wanting for more. This process results to an artificial food causing problems to your dog such as itchy skin, dull hair, diarrhea and other diseases.

It is where natural diet comes in. Maybe some of you would say that it may not be so convenient preparing your dog's food. What if I have two jobs and I find it hard juggling my time between work, family and other activities? Isn't it more convenient and a lot cheaper if I'll just grab a bag or two of commercial dog foods in the grocery? Though making your own pet food is not as convenient as opening a bag of commercial one, there is still one thing you can benefit from making your own pet food. That is the assurance that what you are giving to your dog is what he really needs. You are sure that your dog gets his daily dose of nutritional requirement.

Source by Richard Cussons

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