The Final Airbender” Unpopular Opinions

“Toph and Mai ought to’ve been endgame.”


Zutara is clearly far superior to Kataang.


“Katara and Aang shouldn’t have ended up collectively. Katara had such a motherly intuition in direction of Aang that it simply felt bizarre for them to finish up collectively. Katara and Zuko: now there’s a ship I’ll sink with. That they had so many moments collectively that felt like they have been resulting in a romantic relationship. The Crystal Catacombs, after they sought out Katara’s mom’s killer, and going collectively to struggle Azula. ZUKO TOOK A LIGHTNING BLAST FOR HER. To not point out yin and yang! That was a complete plot level with the moon and ocean fish within the Season 1 finale. Fireplace and water, yin and yang. It could’ve been so good.”

–Danielle Hedin


Katara is definitely an extremely egocentric human being.


“Katara was the WORST character in the entire sequence. She had zero private development and remained a whiny child all the time. She had zero empathy for these round her and simply used the ‘they killed my mom’ excuse for each little factor she did. Turning into the Painted Woman was additionally an excellent egocentric factor to do. She knew that they’d a extra essential mission and her serving to out that village was not an act of kindness. Her being mad at her dad for going to struggle in a warfare was additionally tremendous annoying. Actually, she was simply unhealthy general.”



Aang taking away Ozai’s bending is past silly.


“Aang taking away Ozai’s bending as an alternative of killing him was a dangerously silly and egocentric transfer. He stays true to his values as an Air Nomad, however Ozai nonetheless holds political and navy energy with out his bending.”


“Energybending was a complete deus ex machina. The ending was nonetheless good, however giving Aang such a simple out together with his ethical dilemma was lazy.”



Toph and Mai would have made a beautiful couple.


“Toph and Mai ought to’ve been endgame. I do know that Mai is older than her, however they’ve a lot in widespread. They have been each born into highly effective political households, they’re each wonderful fighters, they usually’re each emotionally guarded however divulge heart’s contents to the those who they care about. They actually would have been actually cute collectively, and they’d’ve been good for one another.”



Aang selecting Katara over the Avatar State is a mistake.


“Aang ought to have sacrificed his love for Katara. He was coaching with that guru dude to manage the Avatar State, however on the final hurdle, he misplaced it as a result of he refused to surrender his love for Katara. By letting his love go, he could be making an enormous sacrifice (good for the plot) with out compromising his morals about killing (good for the character), and would depart a transparent path for Katara and Zuko to finish up collectively (good for my soul). It could have introduced the entire story full circle because it started when Aang let his private emotions get in the way in which of his duties by working away and unintentionally turning right into a human icicle, so it ought to have ended with Aang placing his duties as Avatar at the beginning else.”



Uncle Iroh isn’t the sensible, kindhearted previous man that everybody makes him out to be.


“Iroh is a horrible mentor. He tells Zuko to not comply with the future his father laid out, however then Iroh makes no effort to cover the truth that he desires Zuko to assist the Avatar moderately than seize him. He is in impact doing the identical factor Ozai is. Even worse, Iroh initiatives his son vicariously by way of Zuko. He does not need Zuko to develop into himself, however moderately the person Iroh desires him to be.”


“The fanbase places Iroh on too excessive of a pedestal. Refusing to struggle Ozai when he was informed that he was just one to cease him on the time was simply bizarre. Additionally, his recommendation isn’t at all times nice: telling Aang to surrender the facility that may save the world for Katara was horrible recommendation.”



Azula deserves some redemption, too, dammit!


“Azula was a extra complicated and attention-grabbing character than Zuko, and he or she deserved a redemption arc. Her falling aside main as much as her coronation after the desertion of Mai and Ty Lee is essentially the most compelling a part of the finale.”



Sokka is the glue of the squad, however nobody offers him any credit score.


“Sokka deserves soooo significantly better. He is actually essentially the most underrated character. The staff could be nothing with out him holding folks levelheaded, therapeutic group tensions, and offering comedian reduction however being critical when he must be. He makes each single plan to invade the Fireplace Nation. The characters by no means give him the respect he deserves, folks nonetheless disregard him in the long run, and he by no means will get the possibility at an epic sword battle since he mastered the artwork.”



Zuko shouldn’t undergo this entire emotional evolution simply to finish up with Mai.


“Mai was a very disappointing selection for Zuko. I don’t precisely dislike Mai as a personality — she was strong-willed and a talented fighter — however they by no means really had chemistry, and their romance by no means developed. Their most romantic second was ‘I don’t hate you’ and ‘I don’t hate you both.’ Zuko’s story is so targeted on his emotional journey and growth. To pair him with such a flat character was a disservice.”



Jet and Zuko are completely meant to be.


“Is not it apparent? Jet and Zuko ought to have ended up collectively. Jet ought to have had an opportunity to vary and understand he’s in love with Zuko, duh.”



Aang is a problematic protagonist.


“Aang was kinda problematic at occasions. He tried to push his personal perception system onto Katara, he let her do the entire emotional labor of their relationship, and he saved kissing her even if she was not . Additionally, when Katara and Sokka had an opportunity to see their father, whom they’d not seen in TWO YEARS, Aang hid the map from them!”



Mai is a badass lady who deserves extra respect.


“Mai loves Zuko greater than she fears Azula and is an superior character. She is not impassive however was raised by poisonous dad and mom who informed her to behave as a political puppet. Y’all are simply projecting your self onto any out there sunshine surrounding Zuko and wish to bone him.”



Katara ought to have embraced bloodbending.


“Katara ought to have used blood mixing and never have been afraid of it. It’s a scary ability, but it surely might have ended the warfare quicker and destroyed enemies with out casualties.”



Suki ought to be showered with far more love and recognition.


“Suki is essentially the most underrated character on the present. She’s loyal to her village and can die for her associates. She took on Azula, Ty Lee, and Mai greater than as soon as. Through the escape from Boiling Rock, she fought off firebending guards and took the jail warden hostage all on her personal. She’s not even a bender; she’s only a courageous and gifted Kyoshi Warrior!”



Toph and Sokka would have been a dream come true.


“Toph and Sokka actually ought to’ve been endgame. Suki’s good and all, however Toph and Sokka had such lovely chemistry, and Toph’s little crush on Sokka was too arduous to withstand!”

–yuh get into it


Aang doesn’t deserve his loyal fanbase.


“Aang was a horrible Avatar: he was egocentric, self-entitled, and unreliable. All through three seasons, he was extra damaging than he was productive. He by no means had the heart it took to be a terrific Avatar, and he by no means will. In comparison with Katara, he was virtually ineffective. If it weren’t for Workforce Aang, Aang himself would not be as beloved as he’s.”



Yue is a means higher match for Sokka than Suki.


“I really feel like Sokka and Yue have been a much better couple than Sokka and Suki have been. They have been okay, don’t get me mistaken, but it surely simply appeared like Sokka and Yue had a stronger connection and have been true soulmates.”



Toph is only a large butthead.


“Toph is a big asshole plenty of the time. She has some redeeming qualities, however so many occasions she’s impolite and uncooperative. I don’t assume she ought to’ve faulted Katara for attempting to maintain everybody in line. When she and Katara had that vast argument, I completely took Katara’s aspect.”



Boys overtly crying is likely one of the greatest components of the present.


“Can all of us agree the creators/writers have been wonderful for normalizing boys crying? It actually opened my eyes once I watched it as a child.”



It is actually dumb to want that Zuko and Katara bought collectively.


“Zutara is not sensible and is overrated. They hated one another for 80% of the present, and Katara would NEVER marry into the nation that is accountable for her mother’s dying and the genocide of her folks. They’re sizzling, however that is all.”



Bloodbending should not even be a factor.


“I do not like bloodbending. The episode the place it is launched is superior, and it is undoubtedly actually cool to look at, but it surely type of disrupts the world of Avatar. If waterbenders can management folks by way of their blood, can airbenders management the oxygen in your blood? Can earthbenders management the iron in your blood? Can airbenders simply suck the air out of your lungs in battle? The world of Avatar at all times appeared to have this unstated rule of benders having autonomy over their very own our bodies. Bloodbending, whereas superior, type of ruined that for me.”



Jet is essentially the most underrated character of all the present.


“Jet is a posh and amazingly written character. I believe he will get plenty of hate due to his cold-heartedness towards the Fireplace Nation, however he has a really tragic storyline. He defended his kingdom blindly to the purpose of paranoia. The unhappy factor is he didn’t even get definitive proof that Iroh and Zuko are firebenders. Even worse is that he died by the hands of Lengthy Feng, who was just about the chief of the nation he so blindly adopted. The ironic and tragic means he died will get me each time.”



Aang and Katara’s relationship is past lame.


“The present ending with Aang and Katara formally getting collectively was an enormous disservice to their characters. I might’ve a lot moderately seen Aang dedicate himself to being historical past’s most revolutionary Avatar and Katara breaking boundaries as a famend feminine waterbending grasp. The 2 of them labored so arduous in all three seasons only for the ultimate focus to be on their uncomfortable, compelled relationship.”


“Aang and Katara are the Ron and Hermione of Avatar: solely too compelled.”


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