“The Final Dance” — 23 Of The Funniest Reactions From The Last Two Episodes

“The flu recreation” was not what we thought it was.

Over the previous 5 weeks, The Final Dance has given us an inside have a look at the Michael Jordan–led Chicago Bulls group that dominated the ’90s. The moments have been nothing wanting spectacular.

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The 10-part sequence has additionally given us a ton of unforgettable memes.

I believe I do know who delivered that pizza to #MichaelJordan earlier than the “flu” recreation. #TheLastDance

Listed below are 23 of the very best ones from the ultimate two episodes:


Many individuals had been hung up on the notorious pizza.


Bryon Russell realizing he talked a lot trash and couldn’t even guard a Michael with meals poisoning


michael jordan saying he ate the entire pizza by himself is the one time michael jordan has ever stated that i implicitly understood and recognized with lol


One factor I realized watching The Final Dance is…Do not ever order pizza in Utah! #TheLastDance


Sorry “meals poisoning recreation” doesn’t have the identical ring as “flu recreation,” so I’m sticking with flu recreation #The


A couple of had jokes about Leonardo DiCaprio’s lightning-quick cameo.


Others keyed in on Jordan’s extremely competitiveness.


Jordan: *Sneezes*

Me: “Bless you, Mike”

MJ: “…and that’s once I began to take it private”



Some folks had been actually into the long-lasting seems.


And naturally, folks cherished different wonderful characters within the remaining episodes.


the Utah Jazz stated they had been ready the complete yr for his or her rematch with the Bulls and this was Rodman’s response


To sum it up, the reminiscences and memes can be deeply missed.

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