The Lord’s Banner Over Me Is Love, A Prayer Of Supplication And Declaration

Lord, I so desire to always be aware of Your great love as it covers me…as it overshadows me. My heart is sealed in You and I belong to You and You alone. Fashion me and make me according to Your great purpose. Let my life be an example of your goodness and beauty. Fashion me according to Your desire and not mine. You are my Banner of Love and Rest in the habitation of divine protection. Help me to rest in You in such a way that I am flexible to move with the very wind of Heaven. May my heart never be rigid or set in its own way and cause me to miss the simple beauty of loving You. It isn’t as complicated as I sometimes like to make it.

Teach me to dance in time to the moving of the Holy Spirit and the freedom Your blood bought for me. There is no other banner greater than the blood stained banner of Your sacrifice. I am anchored in You, my rock and strong foundation. Move through my life and remove every hindrance to freedom and liberty in the Spirit. Help me to say flexible, even to be fluid, when it comes to responding to You and Your Word. You are indeed Lord of the outcome, for You have already been where I am going. Teach me to dance with You in an uninhibited and totally unrestrained way as I proclaim who I am according to Your Word. I am the delight of Your heart and the apple of Your eye. My name is carved in Your hand and I am ever before Your face.

Therefore Lord, I receive the new winds of the Spirit to wash over me, through me and all around my life. I am captured within the breeze of Your presence. Replace every area of dryness, apathy or unbelief with a whole new perspective…Your perspective. Open my eyes to see. Open my ears to hear what You are saying moment by moment. My heart belongs to You and You alone. Come, Lord Jesus, and touch every area of my heart. Tune every heart string not in sync with Your melody for my life. Stretch my heart strings and make it into an instrument capable of the most beautiful of songs.

Lord, You chose me, therefore I will not disqualify myself, nor will I be stubborn or hard-hearted. I am like soft clay in Your hands. Shape me…form me and I will proclaim Your goodness in the land of the living. As I close my eyes and focus my heart on You, let the Your wind blow that my heart might sing a song of songs to You, my Lord of Lords…to You, O Lover of my soul.

I take my place under the banner of Your heart. I rest with confidence in Your ability to keep me and protect me. I dance with uninhibited joy in Your great love for me and I rejoice, for You have overcome. I join with all the angels of Heaven and sing a song of honor and praise. I give my ear to hear You voice. I give my heart to hear Your song. I dance with You. I sing with You and glory fills the earth.

Teach me to rest in the assurance that all things can be done and accomplished under Your banner of love. No matter what I am in need of, it is found in You. Sing songs over me and I will listen. Sing songs over me and I will use them to overcome the plans and schemes of the enemy. Your song is my weapon and when I use it, You back me up. You back up Your Word and watch over it to perform it. Today I dance with You, commingle with You within the habitation of Your heart. I am awakened in You.

Jesus, how can words ever express my gratitude and great love for You? It is so hard to imagine myself the way You see me as a masterpiece greater than any ever painted or ever to be painted. Sometimes I look at myself and despise certain things about the way I look or think. Sometimes I wish I could do what others do and when I can’t I belittle myself. This happens when I forget how You fearfully and wonderfully you made me. Imagine each little nuance of who I am being created by You. The way I turn my head, blink my eyes or smile was created by You and brings delight to Your heart. You have given me everything needed for life and godliness-everything needed to create the masterpiece You ordained my life to be.

When I reflect on the word “good” I am amazed at its depth. I am amazed You call me good and in doing so ascribe all its meaning to me. Please forgive me for not seeing all You see. Bring revelation to my heart and I will know. In knowing I will be the complete expression of Your heart formed within my mother’s womb. Help me to be ever mindful of the scarlet threads of Your sacrifice which give me life and allow me to wear linen white as snow. Your banner over me is love and I rest with complete assurance in Your covering of protection and mutual affection. Lord, You captivate my heart. I am Yours to do with as You will.

In the Name of Jesus


Source by Brenda Craig

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