The Many Advantages of a Portable Soda Maker

There is nothing better on a warm day than a cool, bubbly beverage. Soda has become a staple in many American homes because of its crisp, sweet taste and the fizziness that carbonation gives it. However, in recent years, many individuals have turned away from soda for many reasons, including health and environmental issues. With a portable home soda maker, consumers can avoid many of the negative issues associated with soda and enjoy their carbonated beverage without worry.

A portable, at-home carbonated soda maker is a very useful tool for those who enjoy bubbly beverages. While soda can be easily purchased at most stores and restaurants, making your own sodas and seltzers offers unique advantages that you simply cannot get from store-bought beverages.

One reason that individuals may choose to make their own soda is that they have complete control over the ingredients that are in their beverage. You can avoid artificial flavorings, sweeteners, and additives when you make your own. Unlike store-bought drinks, your soda can be made with natural ingredients that are healthy for your body. Plus, you have control of the amount of sugar and sweeteners that are added to your beverage.

Another advantage of an at-home soda maker is that you no longer have to make runs to the store to purchase your favorite beverage. Carrying heavy bottles or cans can be cumbersome for many individuals. Plus, storing all of those sodas may be difficult for those who do not have a lot of storage space in their home.

Making your own sodas and seltzers at home is an environmentally conscious activity. Just think of all of the bottles and cans that end up in our landfills each week as the result of soda consumption. You can do your part to eliminate the unnecessary waste by using and reusing your soda maker. All you need is one plastic bottle to make all of the carbonated drinks you desire.

Another benefit of making your own soda is that you are not reliant upon bottled water. You can use the tap water from your home faucet or from an inexpensive at-home water filtration system. Reducing our reliance on bottled water helps our environment and our budget.

A portable soda maker is very easy to store and transport. You can slip it in your purse or pocket and take it with you wherever you go. At the touch of a button, you can have a carbonated beverage that you will enjoy. It is also a beneficial tool for those who like their drinks to be powerfully carbonated. Because you determine the amount of carbonation, you can create drinks that carbonated to your preferred tastes.

With a carbonated soda maker, you cannot only create your own beverages, but you can also re-carbonate drinks that are weak and have lost their carbonation. This saves you from disposing of sodas and seltzers that have been opened and lost their fizz. Less waste means less impact on the environment and more money in your pocket.

At-home carbonated soda makers save money, time, and are a lot of fun to use. Portable models, like the Fizz-Giz can go with you anywhere to ensure that you always have your favorite soda available.

Source by Michael Spicher

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