The Men’s Surfer Necklace – Catch the HOT Fashion Wave Without Getting Your Feet Wet

There is no doubt that mens surfer necklaces are hot. While clothing trends revolve around the seasons and weather changes, you might be surprised that necklaces do not vary as much. Most Necklaces and other accessories such as belts, bracelets, and rings do not depend on how the weather is outside or what season it is. One huge trend in mens style is surf style necklaces. This popular trend is hitting not only the coasts but rural areas as well like a tidal wave hitting the beach in full force. These attractive and masculine necklaces caught the wave of men’s fashion during the spring and summer and have stayed on it since. In fact there is no reason not to believe that these stylish necklaces will continue to ride this wave all the way to the spring time, where it is seasonally the hottest time to wear.

When purchasing an item, such as a men’s surfer necklace, there are several things to take into consideration. The quality of the material, the pendant(s), and the meaning of the necklace are some of the first things to consider. Here are a few tips that will help you decide on the best surf necklace that you can not only wear this winter, but this spring and the many seasons to come.

The Material – The 3 Basic Types of Materials Used in a Surfer Style Necklace

The most common types of material used in making a surfer necklace are hemp, leather, and waxed cord. While hemp is the most popular and very durable it is not the most comfortable to wear, especially at first. The good news is hemp is relatively cheap a looks great. Leather on the other hand is also commonly used, but does not usually give that natural appeal that other materials such as hemp and waxed cord give. Waxed cord is one of the best types of necklaces to choose for a surf necklace because not only does it look very similar to hemp, but is very comfortable and will not hurt your neck like hemp might until it gets broke in. Most of the cords are made from high quality material, and sometimes even hemp, but are coated with a nice, flexible, and durable coat of wax. This protects the necklace from wear and tear and also allows it to be comfortable from the first time you put it on.

The Pendant – What Attributes Do You Have?

The pendant is where you get to, if you so desire, to help express yourself. You might think this may be a daunting task, but with a little searching around you can find many pendants you like that have a variety of meanings. If you are an energetic and have an enthusiastic type personality then you might want to consider getting one that means “energy” or “outgoing”. If you have a wild side to you that everyone already knows look for something that means “wild” or “out of control” to add to your surfer necklace. For people who are professional and more action oriented a pendant that means “perseverance” or “focus” might be the right choice for you.

The Meaning – What do you Project (or want to project)?

This is where it all ties together when looking and figuring out which necklace and pendant you wish to choose. While this is by no means a highly recommended or required step, it never hurts to have meaning behind your necklaces. You can mix and match necklace types and different pendants to pick what is best for you or you can simply select one that already has the material and pendant that you like.

Regardless if you choose to find one that means something symbolic, this is just another way to have this necklace have more of a sentimental meaning. What could be better than a Chinese or ancient symbol meaning something that you already have strong attributes to or desire to become?

Source by Jon K M.

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