The Morning Green Drink Habit: A Great Way to Improve Your Health

Green drinks are not just for individuals who have trouble ingesting raw vegetables because of digestive problems among others, green drinks also help individuals who are battling chronic autoimmune deficiencies, diabetes and arthritis. The drink also helps to reduce bad cholesterol levels as well as act as a detoxification process for the digestive system.

Green drink enthusiasts give leafy green vegetables and other green vegetables an added punch of antioxidants by adding a fruit base to their nutritious drink. This is typically a low sugar fruit that can be added to give the green drink a sweeter taste. It is also a good way for diabetics to control their blood insulin levels and it also gives a fullness that reduces cravings for sweets.

The darker varieties of leafy greens like kale, spinach and lettuce contains the essential B-complex vitamins the body needs for to maintain a healthy state. These dark greens also provide essential magnesium, zinc, iron and calcium among other nutrients, which the body needs. Fruits can be added, as well as herbs and lighter greens such as celery to change the taste of the drink and add a variety that is recommended by doctors and by dieticians.

One of the best times of the day to drink a green drink is in the morning for breakfast. As the body has been in at least eight hours of rest, the glucose levels in the body have dropped significantly. This decrease in the glucose levels affects the blood sugar levels as well as the oxygen in the blood cells. As the body replenishes itself with food, the food is then turned into glucose, which is stored for future use, or used immediately as energy to get the body going in the morning.

Many green drink enthusiasts drink a combination of green leafy vegetables and fruits, herbs, and lemon juice with their kale, lettuce and spinach green drinks. Some enthusiasts will also use celery as a lighter taste for the taste buds first thing in the morning. Followed by exercising, green drink consumption can reduce cravings and significantly reduce weight.

Another drink that makes can start the day with a healthy kick is combinations of apples, pineapple juice, celery and lettuce. This is a lighter drink that will give a long lasting energy boost. As well as boosting the metabolism, this morning green drink also gives a boost to the immune system and the sweetness keeps cravings for morning doughnuts, bagels and muffins at bay.

Green drinks are never supplemented with artificial sweeteners or any amounts of sugar. The natural sweetness of a fruit base added to the drink is more than enough sweetness. It may take a while for the drink to be customized to the taste buds of an individual looking for a healthy morning drink to start the day. Green drinks are a way for the individual to get the most healthful benefits from their daily servings of fruits and vegetables without compromising great taste.

Source by Becki Andrus

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