The Motivation Pill

Circumstances are a hell of a mentor. Testing you at the most vulnerable moments, trying to knock you out at the most fragile links. The crowd you are surrounded by most of the time is nothing but a horde of opportunists looking for that perfect imperfect moment when you're at the weakest and easy to step upon and go ahead. No one is here to make you succeed. All of them are looking for your use in their lives and how you can add value to their dreams and goals. No one except your parents is going to be glad when you achieve. You're an exceptional being in yourself. Ignore the naysayers, turn a deaf ear to those who preach like they know a lot. No one knows a damn thing and those who say they do, they are just trying to scare you. You have a great gift, the gift of a dream. You have a dream and now is the time to start working on it. Now, this very moment, guide each of your action towards the accomplishment of your dream. Those who mock you, try to make you feel inferior at your every step, are really scared of you. Scared for you have something they can never really achieve in their life. Something that is not easy for them to even think about it. They try to intimidate you by saying harsh words. Words that they say with a smile but in reality, they are just trying to weaken your roots like a parasite.

But what to do? Well, the fact is the whole of your life you're going to encounter such people who would do their best to make sure you fall. They are always hitting at your ladder of success trying to imbalance your dream and make you drop to the floor. They are looking for the opportunities to see you fail, to mock you, to laugh at you and shout at you. Don't let them send out any negative vibes or hurl any downers in the direction of your success. Success is a great thing, those who have achieved it, know how it tastes. Don't let anyone direct the story of your life. Success is contagious, but it comes to those who believe in themselves. Be humble, be silent but not when a blow is thrown at your self-respect. People may call it your wrong attitude, but you know that who you really are. Believing is doing. Don't listen to failures who rely on meagre dreams. Dream big, if you can dream it you can achieve it.

Want to know how to do it? Let me tell you, that you suck, you are not worth a penny. But can you let me drive the boat of your life? NO! Not me not your friends, not your well-wishers, no one shall have the right to pull you down. Stand guard at the gates of your dreams, make it strong like an impregnable fort. Make your mind a safe, the password to which only you know. Let them say what they think is right. Remember, being right is a myth, no one can ever be completely right about anything. If they say they are, just grin and say yeah sure. Remember, no words, no thoughts, no power in the universe can break you down unless you let it. Want friends? Make books your friends. Need someone expert to guide you? Walk to the mirror and you'll find the perfect guide who can help you get out of literally anything. All that you need, all the forces that will guide you in achieving your dream are right within you. Summon the universe, call upon the forces with complete dedication and child-like faith to work for you, in the direction of your dreams. And believe me, they will. But the requisite is you have to believe, you have to trust, like a child. Have you ever seen a child? Do you ever see them doubt that they can't walk? They try to walk but fall. Do they give up? HELL NO !!! So why do you give up? Be like a mirror, no amount of dust can make mirror leave its luster, its ability to reflect. Be bold, be brave and be confident. Have faith, you are destined to do great, but to be great you have to start acting like you really are great. Take charge of your life and believe me, your life is going to be the way it should be. Tell yourself, "I am the greatest."

Source by Viren Khair

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