The Myth About Food Quality and Weight Loss

For anyone who’s followed or even just read about losing weight there is a universal consensus that in order to lose weight you must eat nothing but low calorie, low fat healthy food. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could lose weight while still stuffing your face full of potato chips and ice cream? In this article I’m going to explain how you can do exactly that.

Diets fail for most people because they can not stick to them. The food they have to eat can be bland and it becomes boring eating the same things over and over again. You will often hear people who are on diets saying things like “I’m so sick of eating this or that”. But have ever notice you never hear anyone say they’re sick of eating junk food or burgers and fries?

Would you agree to eat a salad every day if it was accompanied by a high fat dressing and a hearty steak and baked potato? How about some peas or corn with your fried chicken and mashed potatoes? You should eat some healthy food, especially vegetables, but is it necessary to eat only healthy food if you want to lose weight? Absolutely not.

You do not have to trim the fat from your meat or take the skin off of your chicken or even broil every piece of fish that you eat in order to lose weight. I believe that butter, natural fats, cheese, and that chicken skin are not only OK to eat, they’re actually good for you and contain vital nutrients. They’re part of my natural diet that also includes vegetables and fruit.

So how can you eat these things and still lose weight?

There is only one principle in weight loss that is an absolute. You must eat less calories than you burn. It’s that simple. Does that mean that in order to lose weight you’ll need to eat tiny portions of all those foods that you love? No. In fact, eating tiny portions will only slow your metabolism down, and perhaps make you gain weight.

What’s easier; burning more calories or eating fewer calories? By eating these high calorie foods you can keep your body’s metabolism at top speed rather than allow it to go into starvation mode like so many diets do. So then, where does the weight loss come in?

When you follow this plan you’ll lose the weight: eat all you want and then stop eating for a while. Not a long while, just 24 hours or so. Then immediately start eating again. Your body doesn’t even notice that you’re not eating and just continues to keep on burning calories at an accelerated rate. Keep eating for a few days and then stop again.

Because of the way you’ve been eating, you’ll not going to feel weak and, in fact, you’ll hardly notice you’re not eating on your “days off”. The process is called “intermittent fasting” and it’s helping people who hate to diet or even exercise lose weight and keep it off. There’s no calorie counting, label reading or food restrictions.

The only thing you have to do is follow the correct plan as to when you need to stop and start eating. Once you learn it, you’ll remember it for life and will be able to implement it and control your weight at will. Imagine finally being able to control your weight without dieting.

Source by Scott Olewiler

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